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Things you can't just put down.


At the risk of sounding arrogant I'm not really the easiest person to keep the interest of. And seeing as how I've been extremely bored lately, I thought I'd ask the enlightened community to, well... enlighten me.

Basically what I'm asking is; What're the most straight up addicting games you've ever played that have kept your religious interest since the day you've picked up that control pad/keyboard/handheld/whatever?

The Advance Wars series had me toting my DS nearly everywhere I went, and I will gamergasm when Day of Ruin comes out.


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Zelda!! o_O


Rants like a Gryphon
Final Fantasy Tactics
Tales of the Abyss
Guild Wars
World of Warcraft
Pokemon Diamond and Pearl


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Quake 2, Starcraft, Space Rangers 1&2, Half life 1

Newer games are not what the old games used to be.


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n/e one heard of the Isis puzzle from Sharper Image?
Call of Duty 3 (online) and Madden 07 were crack to me. Luckily my roommate got a 360 so I was able to sell my xbox and free myself of the addiciton. :p


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Sudoku. It's stupid and horrible and addicting.


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Dead or alive. I always seem to pick that one up.


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GTA2 was hard for me to put down. Chuck in the Weapon and Lives cheats and blow some shit up.

Days Of Ruin meant to be coming out Jan 21(US)/25(Eur/Aus). There seems to be enough changes, I just hope there's more Grey in the story.


I find it hard to quit Oblivion sometimes...

And SL is like a $2 whore when it comes to time... I find hours just disappearing when I log on...

Other than that I dunno


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Sparkynekomi said:
Sudoku. It's stupid and horrible and addicting.

AGREED. I can't get off that thing. I've gone through so many books.

And Okami, which I'm beating through for the fourth time.



I find it strangely enjoyable for something I screw up so often.


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i was addicted to Brain Age for awhile


Guitar Hero. I can pick it up and keep playing 'till my fingers start to hurt.
I have to add MLB 07 the Show to my list of things... The career mode used to eat up hours and hours of time.


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Picross. I always come back to it before long, even though I'm not much good at Free Mode.


GTA series...1 and 2 were something nice and different when they came out..and the newer games (from gta III and up) i played so much i almost hate them now :wink:

Currently, it´s COD4...i have played the storyline, BUT i refuse the quit playing it before i have beaten "mile high club" on veteran difficulty...it´s probably the hardest FPS level ever (almost made me smash my keyboard to pieces T.T)...but strangely addicting at the same time...