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Things you have regretted purchasing


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I've made the mistake of spending money on many things in the past that while I thought would be good, ended up disappointing me, either by poor quality, breaking, or failing my expectations.

I'm curious as to if others have occasionally (or frequently) made purchases for goods or services that you later ended up regretting.


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I don't routinely spend money on unnecessary purchases.

A couple of years ago I bought a flight for worky stuff, and the cost of the flight went up by a factor of two in the time that I was comparing prices. ]:


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Almost every online transaction ever.

Ordering my first graphics tablet for 1k, only to get scammed. They didn't have any foam or bubble wrap. The screen was cracked and had dead pixels everywhere.

I jumped through every hoop they wanted, and in the end they asked me to pay to ship it back to them. I have the transcript to Amazon and they helped me out real quick.

The last computer I bought for 1k, came with a faulty wifi card and the associate lied when he answered my questions. Took me one whole week to even get it to be able to run without crashing.

3d pen was supposed to be uncloggable and clogged. Then the tip of the pen melted off. They sent me a free replacement and it happened again.


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So much Monster I have gotten addicted to it. Please, someone help!


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cheap headphones... Its design was so dumb and archaic.

It comes with a faux mic (no audio output), a audio jack and a USB jack (to power up the led lights, lol)

My laptop has 3 USB ports in total,
1 for mouse
2 for drawing tablets

I ain't got 1 for cosmetics.


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An Anker Gaming Mouse and a Corsair Vengeance M65 Gaming mouse respectively. For whatever reason there is this trend with gaming mice where the left and right mouse buttons wear out really quickly and start double clicking or not clicking at all. It's the most bizarre thing to me, that a gaming mouse would kick the bucket faster than a normal mouse. Huge waste of money.

This gaming mouse was decent though, Logitech one.


I had a car that was a lemon (a Saturn Ion). Every few months something expensive broke on it. I was so glad to get rid of it.


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I don't routinely spend money on unnecessary purchases.

A couple of years ago I bought a flight for worky stuff, and the cost of the flight went up by a factor of two in the time that I was comparing prices. ]:

Clear your cookies or use a different browser when searching... not sure if that is a real thing though


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I can't even recall the printer model but it was a disaster - bought online, poor quality, for delivering graphic design pieces. Some stuff we'd better buy directly from the store instead, unless it ultimately can't be helped
All printers are cursed


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Oh? Why's that?

Recoils ok manageable, but the grip profile on the 29 is horrid!There's some pretty pronounced sharp edges right where the web of your palm sits and during recoil will actually cut into it after a few shots.I could put a rubber grip on it, but I think it would ruin the aesthetics of this piece too much.

No matter though...
I'll take the slight loss of putting it up for sale and actually getting something I'll enjoy shooting.
Still a cheaper mistake then a broken condom:cool:

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Honestly, some purchases were questionable but didn’t regret em.

Only thing I’ve possibly and “recently” regretted was maybe a certain Xbox headset when I used to play the 360 before i became a man (PC Gaymer) since it was poor quality, had a tendency to steal your hair that I wouldn’t be surprised if there was clones of me elsewhere and it broke within few days.
Oh and a l4d2 disc since my Xbox 360 scratched it because it got moved slightly...


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A 1995 Volvo 850 Wagon. While a fun car to drive I've never had a car with so many major problems from the transmission failing twice, to a head gasket to the rear main seal. I have neve been so happy to get rid of a car as that one! Volvos can easily put you in the poorbouse.


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I regret spending money to visit my parents. Woulda been better spent as kindling to fuel a dumpster fire than seeing them.

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1977 Honda Civic CVCC coupe. It was used but sheesh! Blew head gaskets once a year, four water pumps in six years, ate brakes like candy, door handles broke just by looking at them. When the left front CV joint started clicking, I sold it.

1978 Chevrolet C10 pickup with the 5.7L - 350 Oldsmoblie based diesel. I bought it to tow a boat we had, ended up stuck with it when we found out Chevrolet gave that truck a cargo and towing capacity of ZERO pounds. Right, nothing in the bed, don't tow a thing. It had a full 120hp, 220ft/lbs of torque, no turbocharger and it was slooooooowwwww. I lost a drag race with a snail once. I put dual exhaust on it with long glasspacks, giving this pleasant shuffle sounding exhaust to it. It was a nice truck, other than not being able to get out of its own way. Kept it for ten years, though. 27mpg if you used the cruise control and set it at 55mph.

1980 Dodge Mirada Sport. It had a fake roof cap/overlay that made it look like a convertible. It leaked where the bolts that held it on went through the body. Couldn't put things in the trunk in the winter. Went back to the dealer four times for the same thing, made them buy it back on the lemon law.

1979 harley Davidson FLT touring bike. Spent more time in the shop than it did on the road. I had it four years, rode it 1,800 miles. The bleak years of AMF ownership.

1981 Tahiti Super Tiger Jet drive ski boat. Leaked like a sieve. Sunk once overnight camping. Thankfully, the water was shallow right there and no water got into the gas tanks or engine. Upholstery needed to be redone, though. The shop kept trying to fix it, wouldn't just replace the hull and jet drive, the two things that I'm sure they were faulty.

Epson WF-7720 all in one office inkjet. Never did print clear/sharp, always had fuzzies in the print. Red kept clogging up, I don't think yellow ever printed, things like that. It was a gift so I didn't buy it technically but I regretted letting my brother-in-law send that thing to me. He lost the paperwork so I had no way to return it for repairs under warranty. Just replaced it with the Epson WF-7840, same format just major improvements, best printing from any Epson that I've owned. No regrets there.


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I bought a Rossi 357 Magnum revolver. The first time I fired it, when I opened the cylinder to reload, the cylinder fell off and rolled downrange.

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The money... I used to regret many, but now that I review all my money spent in the past--no matter the value--they were all worth it. UwU

Either they gave me exactly what's anticipated or lessons instead. And for the latter, I'm glad that I didn't 'lose' even more than what's 'lost'. It's assured I won't make the same mistakes again.

But still, to choose one...

The virtual machines I bought in a videogame. (I mean, microtransactions) That game... became a dumpster now. ÚnÙ
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I regret everything I've ever owned because my mom and her friends threw away all my belongings while I was in the hospital. Yeah family members aren't nice, people. The only silver lining to this is that I didn't buy expensive things.
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When I started birding I found many occasions where the 8x binoculars just didn't have the zoom capability I wanted, so I bought an entry level scope that could go up to 60x and an adapter so I could connect my phone's camera to it and do some digiscoping.

The scope was bulky and a pain to carry around, the higher zoom was too dark to use even in the midday sun, and the picture quality was no where near what I was hoping for, assuming I didn't give up trying to align the cell phone camera to the adapter and the adapter to the eyepiece of the scope. Then I made the mistake of using it at the beach on a windy day and a gust knocked it over, lens first into the sand.

I recently bought a 65x bridge camera which immediately made the scope and it's accessories obsolete. The scope is now collecting dust in the closet.