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Things you have regretted purchasing

Firuthi Dragovic

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Back in my 20s I kinda got addicted to gaming bundles and bought a HUGE number of cheap digital video games for the Steam platform.

I have well over 1000 games, probably over 1500. A lot of them aren't even GOOD games (there's even a few that are of the Digital Homicide/Zonitron shovelware schools). To be fair, SOME of the junkers have been good for a laugh, and the jigsaw puzzles actually have a use as "I can listen to audiobooks while playing these" games. But most are likely to be quick burner experiences at this point in time.

There was a time I spent over $1000 over the course of a single game, but I actually DON'T regret that one.

Also, there were some gimmicky controllers that I'd previously bought that I wasn't well-invested in actually using. Those are long gone though - and when I have my own place I'll actually want to experiment with those types of controllers again.


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Not a "thing", but still a regret.

My family bought/adopted a red Labrador puppy (I named her "Jodie" after Jodie Whittaker) but we couldn't cope. She was lovely but we're not really experienced dog owners and she was high energy, got bored very quickly and took to destroying our house. Luckily we managed to find her a loving new home. I hope she's doing well in her new family.


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I don't really regret anything I've bought, usually there's enough silver lining for me to be happy :|

Oh god ok but when I was 17 I bought this piece of shit 4th gen Camaro... I owned it for two years and put some $10,000 into it by the end. And I only drove it for like 6,000 miles that entire time, for a FULL year it was in a shop getting the engine swapped out because of a blown head gasket and I was too naive to know what I was getting myself into. For this model the heads could not be removed from the top, so the engine had to come out to get the repair done anyway. The shop said, hey, if you're paying for all this labor anyway, why not throw a faster engine in it? To which I said, gee, golly, that sounds swell! Then for a year I got a phone call like every month that they ran into a hiccup and needed some kind of adapter, custom brackets, torque converter, intake, etc. (because the engine came out of a Tahoe and had a bunch of clearance issuses). The costs went up, and up, and up. I finally picked it up and it was really fast but kept having issues with the ECU which I couldn't touch at all. Eventually it sold for $3400.

But, that experience is what introduced me to my love for working on cars, and the fun experiences I had in that thing are invaluable. Plus, it's a fun story to talk about so I wouldn't have it any other way.

Also the guy that was working on my car was a scalie I met on some dead forum. The first time I met an online friend in person.
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Buying clothes online that don't fit, but aren't worth the hassle to return.


I couldn't post without completely agreeing with this. I've even bought some stuff IRL that I didn't want to go through returning - mostly because I may shy away from unnecessary social interactions :confused:

As for my reply; all I can say is that the list is long, but generally related to the same event. Before I realized that there was something wrong and got help, I used to cope with depression by buying things. I wish I could go back and explain to younger me that it's okay to feel that way and to just reach out and talk to someone instead of masking it with brief rushes of instant-gratification. Counseling and medication ended up being much less costly.


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Sabaj Da3, what a piece of shit with horrible QC, even though internally it was a good device with potential.

Netanye Dakabi

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i don't think i've bought that many things i've regretted later.
i'm pretty good at knowing what's a decent thing to buy.
at the same time i kinda roll with the kicks.
i bought a banana and there were spiders in it so i kept them as a pets.
wasn't until later that i found out they were poisonous.
i looked after them really well but the authorities took them away because of stupid laws.
they said they were going to be destroyed but they turned up in a zoo later so hmm...

sleepy kitty

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A hand mannequin that I had bought to help me practice drawing hands. The thumb doesn't bend naturally at all. Finger positions are very limited.


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Right now, this crappy new gaming keyboard and mouse, because the keys are too narrow, they don't all feel the same, and the scroll wheel double scrolls or misses when scrolling down.

Sir Thaikard

Melatonin pills simply don't work no matter how many I eat. Doesn't help with my sleep at all.

Melatonin gummies on the other hand...


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-A nice insulated jacket that was on sale for $65 on cyber monday that is just a touch too small at the shoulders.

-Pokemon Sword was worth maybe half the price during release.

-A pan fried pizza from Dominos that broke me out in a bunch of acne for like two weeks.

-MyPillow but it was a good before I knew how the guy who ran it was. It's lumpy still even after I followed the instructions and was immediately demoted to side pillow.

-2020 season passes for amusement parks


All the impulse clothes I buy that stay in my closet, never to be worn until months later. Then eventually I resell some of them, and I usually lose money. Makes me sad ;-;


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Werewolf the Apocalypse Earthblood it was a crappy video game that could not make up its mind to be stealth or direct combat in terms of gameplay. (However, it has a very good theme song fitting setting.)


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Lackluster half-finished video games that don't work very well.


Bearing in mind I'm a guy, my biggest regret was purchasing crop tops in a women's size 6 (8 for those in the US) last year during the height of my anorexia. I can't even look at them without wishing I could get into them, but also battling with the recovery mindset of needing to avoid dropping to that (super unhealthy, by the way) weight again.

For comparison, I'm about a month and a half into my recovery and I'm now a size 12 (14 in the US) due to bloating. I guess I could sell them and repurchase in a bigger size but it's hard to let go of them at the moment.


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Warhammer 40k starter kit and tons of paints