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Things you like or love about the Furry Fandom


Artistic Mouse
Just to start a positive thread on furry for a change.

What things do you love about the fandom?

For me its, the huge influx of artwork all of it, may it be simple sketches or works of hours of labor.
Adult or clean its all great to see so much creativity.

The Creativity is amazing most have their own character and worlds, myself included.

Fursuits included, some of them are amazing and you can see the countless hours of hard work that went into it.
Drawing stuff myself i guess its the melting pot of ideas from everywhere i love most, so many people freely sharing and expressing ideas.

Yes there are some bad parts but we will leave those for another thread.

So what all do you love about the fandom?


The Sergal that Didn't Vore
I agree. Fursuits, and all the info that has been published on how to craft them.

And videos of people messing about in suit, or dance competitions ^.^


4 hands good 2 hands bad ;)
Nice people on my wavelength for the most part. And I can be open about the weird shit that goes through my brain and it's water off a duck's back to everyone else.
The novelty of calling humans dogs and cats and things and those people calling themselves dog and cat. When I went to the furmeet a few weeks ago everyone kept calling each other by their animal and it was so weird yet funny. I rather enjoyed being called bonobo if I'm honest!
The suits! Also the creativity and imagination that goes into such an unusual fandom.

I think generally it's the social side for me.

Oh yeah forgot to mention the hilarious fetishes and crazy porn art, gives me a good laugh.


Your Friendly Neighborhood Dino Therapist
I like the fursuits and the fursonae, and I like talking to people about how they came up with their characters.

With a few notable exceptions, people are also incredibly sweet and welcoming.

I also generally feel like I can be myself, and actually be appreciated for that. In so many other settings, I have to suppress so many of my funny quips, tangential remarks, and creative ideas because people will find it "weird" or "off-topic" or "politically incorrect."

And, really, the furry fandom continues to feel fresh and interesting, because as Kokoro said, we're not built around a central 'canon.' I can respect a good Deadpool or Gamora cosplay for its craftsmanship, but at the end of the day, it's just yet another cosplay of an established character. I have much more fun seeing someone's original character--or even more, interacting with that character in real time!

In other fandoms, if you don't know absolutely bloody everything about the established canon, you're going to feel pretty lost. Not so in the furry fandom.

I also like the furry fandom, admittedly, because I've always been drawn to underdogs and marginal people. It seems like the other geek fandoms have "arrived" in the mainstream and have become respectable and marketable, and that makes them less intriguing for me, in a way. What's more, now that geeks are no longer the omega dogs in the pack, some of them are starting to exhibit the same entitled asshole behaviors they use to decry back in the day! Furry is still fringe, and in that sense, it still feels more pure and authentic.
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The community is incredible. My first time at Anthrocon felt like a family reunion. Everyone treats each other so well compared to other things I've been to. I also love the fact that we create our own fandom rather than being fans of something some particular third party created.

Even if there's some weirdness, we seem to live in harmony with it within our furry bubble.

Hikaru Okami

Radiant Wolf
The people and the art.
I'll admit without this place I wouldn't have had the motivation to make my shit art into good art.
Now I have a place to place to retreat to whenever real life sucks.


Sir Prickly
It's full of good people and great art. It's nice to see people bring out their creativity and have fun with what they like with everyone else.


The community is interesting, welcoming, and tends not to put on airs. Plus I feel like I can get away with having fun with arty stuff without trying to outdo anybody or worrying about it being bad.


Where'd the time go?
I met my husband from within the fandom, so there's that.

But I'd have to agree that it's the awesome folks that are probably why I stick around.
And I can pretend I'm a lionpeople and no one thinks that's crazy. C:


Galactic Overlord
I love the art without a doubt. Some people are super detailed, others are super cute. I love the fact that I can draw whatever I want, and people don't care if its weird like they would on DA or something. Sure furries live there too but so do normal artists.

I also *love* fursuits. Especially the cute ones. The ones where the face makes me want to die so I can see it forever and ever. I love people doing things in suit, like goofing off, singing, gaming, dancing, just being a fur.

Lastly the community is another of my biggest reasons. They are literally the most accepting people I've ever met, almost surpassing my own father. You can be as weird as you can be, and then some, and they will do the same back, and you laugh. Even when you talk about the uncharted ends of NSFW, you can do so while either laughing or with a straight face, and not care.


What DOES my username mean...?
My favorite thing about the fandom is how most of them give NO FUCKS about what you think of 'em when they're rompin' around at cons. i don't usually seek out fursuit stuff but i watched an adorable video on youtube of some suiters with heads that squeak! Those two little fuckers were rolling around on the hotel floor at a con, playing around, squeaking at each other. Even though the guys in that suit were soaked in sweat and bathing in their own hairy man-child stank, nothing could stop me from hugging and snuggling the ever-lovin' stuffin' out of either if i saw one in person.


Easy, the people, the art, and just the general ideology of the fandom. I feel like I can be myself and others no one judge me or think im insane or weird, like society has treated me before. But the fandom is different, I can be myself and people think its cool. The whole ideology around the fandom is just simply fascinating and I love it, I love the community, they are the most nice and welcoming people I have ever met and I have made several really great friends.


Mr. Prickles
I love the openness of it all. That and being around other weird people relieves a lot of stress and anxiety of day-to-day social interactions. That and animals (cartoon or real) are awesome.

Hakar Kerarmor

Sergals everywhere.

Kitsune Cross

**** that **** now! Bitch
There is some really cool people in here, and I love some furries attitude of I don't give a fuck what others think

Sarcastic Coffeecup

Hand. Cannot. Erase.
It's a good source for cringeworthy stuff

Mr. Sparta

Scale Face
It creates an environment that many feel at home in. It's not like other hobbies, where the noobs get overwhelmed and the veterans are snobs. If it weren't for you people, I would have never written a story for fun, and my sketchbook would be collecting dust.

I was a loner in middle school. I hated all the parasitic excuses for human beings that I had to deal with daily. I would stumble through the onslaught of after-school activities that my parents made me do to "socialize". Then I'd arrive home with a headache so bad I wanted to blow my brains out to relieve the pressure. I dreamed of having friends, real friends like those idolized in TV shows. I did hang out online on forums, but the people there were usually hiveminded jackasses who don't like conflicting viewpoints. A year ago, I lurked in FAF for an entire summer out of curiosity. I was amazed at how different it was compared to sites like Reddit or past forums. It promotes the individual, not the group. On that fateful August night, I made an account to join you.

I was never happier.


The endless supply of porn. But more importantly, the cool people I have met in this fandom that I have gotten to know.


Drank ALL the Coffee!!!
Fursuits and Dance competition videos. So damn awesome.

With that being said for me it is so far out of my "norm" of strict math, logic, black, white, and straight lines that it is quite relaxing. While I operate well in my well calculated world, I need to shut off the math sometimes and the fandom is one way I do that.