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Things you love that are totally STUPID?


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I've watched every episode of Doctor Who (from 2005-2021.) I haven't watched every episode of "classic" Doctor Who, but my dad has watched most of it. He watched the first ever episode (An Unearthly Child) back in the 60's when it was first broadcast.

My favourite Doctor was Matt Smith (the 11th Doctor.) He was goofy and loveable.
yay, i’m glad i’m not the only one! i’ve definitely never missed an episode of the “revived” series, and eleven is one of my absolute favorites. just the right balance of goofiness and darkness, plus some pretty cool plot lines. plus, how amazing is that, your dad watching it for so long! it’d be wild to have grown up with the show since its very beginning like that.

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How everyone flops over with broken limbs for getting sneezed on, in Family Guy.


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He-Man and the Masters of the Universe!

The villains are just all too funny and domineering; the dialogs read almost like bad furry porn.

(have not seen the new version yet)

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Nonsensical and slapstick humor like YTP and "21st century humor" type stuff. I can never seem to find it not amusing, my humor is kinda broken xD


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It's kinda tied to some of the things that I like. There are three things that I am into: fatfurs, big paws, and thick stretchy limbs usually made up of a connection spherical body parts, usually a neck or an elephant trunk. That last one is a little unusual, so I guess you could count that.

But it's usually not enough for a character to have a big belly/big feet/big stretchy neck or nose. What all we've completes these characters for me is how much of a total ham they are. I don't know why, but when these characters are boasting about very mundane things about their body that really don't make them that powerful as if they are the most destructive forces around, that makes them feel more special and Charming for me. Add some bonus points if the character has Minions that are capable of doing magic or use weapons, But they are so powerful that they only need to use their belly/feet/thick stretchy limb to beat you. Even more bonus points if they have such a huge ego that they feel the need to rap about themselves.

As for why I like those thick stretchy limbs so much, I have a feeling Is it started with the mammoth boss from Super Adventure Island 2.

This really is a stupid boss. It starts out pretty promising with the boss being encased in ice and throwing snowballs, but once you destroy the ice-barrier, all it does from there on out is flail about its trunk and charge at you. ... but a few things makes this boss enjoyable. The boss has this very goofy and somewhat Charming in look on his face, and the Simplicity of his moves both makes it easier to ham him up. His trunk also moves in a somewhat hypnotic way, so that is kind of hard to explain. Lastly, it is kind of fun whacking away at his trunk to make it shrink. I find myself trying to fight this guy with my bare fists, continuously punching his trunk and his eyes and then hoping I mess up enough times for him to beat me because I just like the character too much to actually want to beat him.


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  • Impractical Jokers
  • The "Shoes" viral video from 2007
  • Time-Life informercials about box sets of oldies music
  • Replying to emails from job recruiters with nonsense like "I still don't get it."
  • Answering spam calls with a random bit of song (like "I have to, push the, pram-a-looooooot" from Holy Grail) and then hanging up
  • Dumb and Dumber
  • Step Brothers
  • The Onion