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Thinking about a tertiary sona

Doodle Bunny

Definitely a rabbit... 100%...
I have two sonas so far.

Doodles (main) represents my hard working artistic side and my desire to be tougher mentally.

Squarkle (secondary) sorta represents my love of cute things and how excitable I can get.

However, there’s one huge aspect of myself that is not being represented. My spooky side. If you look at my gallery and comic, there’s a lot of dark and spooky things. I could say it’s an elephant in the room.

And that’s what I want her to be.

Macabre L’Elephante, the gloomy pygmy elephant. Unlike Doodles and Squarkle, I think she would have a completely humanoid body. I’m thinking a pastel purple for her skin and all black attire.

She also has a French accent because I’m drawing inspiration from this:

What do you guys think?


Getting thru it all
Sounds super cool! I feel like she would look great wearing something like this


Off the bench
Well my tertiary is a wendigo. Representative of my gluttonous appetite but this is a post about you so I'll just clam up. Sorry

Kylan Velpa

Cyan Gentle-fox
My three main OCs are centred around a really similar idea!

Kylan = my chilled out and hard working side
Nika = my crazy but very compassionate side
Juniper = my defensive, reclusive and slightly dark side

How peculiar...

(Although Kylan is the only one I would call my sona at the moment)