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Thinking about getting suit


New Member
Hello all I am thinking about getting a fursuit made of my fursona. I have one problem though I am very particular with how I would like it to look. I have attached a picture of my fursona (NSFW) and I would like to know how easy it would be for the builder to include the dots on my sona. I have seen some suits and the dots they have look not to good. So I would like to get opinions on if they would look good or bad on a fursuit. Also if you could recommend a fursuit builder that can capture my characters look well that would be greatly appreciated.



Seeing this thread, I thought, "He's taken it seriously. He's getting a government-issue hazmat suit." Then I gotta remember. Fursuit. And then I remember, "Ooh, the thing I'm too broke to afford! Right!" But then I think," Why not....both?"