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thinking of installing ydl on my ps3.


The Monster Under Your Bed
so, my laptop will be sent away for repairs, and i need something to use as a pc, i heard that the ps3 can be converted to ydl (yellow dog Linux) which comes with firefox and open office, thats about all that i need, something for typing reports and something to browse the web. any pros, cons i should know about? is it reversible? will it harm my system? how good is it?

any info is greatly appreciated!
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Kitsune of the PC Master Race
A thousand times YES.


The Monster Under Your Bed
has anyone installed ubuntu on the ps3? i need some help here. to install ubuntu i need to install fedora, and when i try to do that it give me an error "no rootfs was found" how do i fix this?

never mind, it turns out that the damn os was written to a cd and not a dvd.
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Ubuntu is the best linux os your really going to find to fit your needs. Hell I'm running it on my laptop right now. :D