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Thinking of Making a Cat×Anteaters


Aradia LeMew
Bushy anteater tail and markings on a feline body. I dont have a reference or name yet but Im thinking of making it a unique pairing. Thoughts, want to help?

Samandriel Morningstar

The Morningstar
Bushy more course fur then normal towards the back and then shorter courser hair in the front with a bit of a 'mane' running from the head toward the back of the tail.
Fur markings of your favorite cat breed.
Somewhat longer,narrower looking head/snout.
Shorter or just narrower ears in general.
wider paws with wider upper leg,but the claws/toes of the front feet would be longer and more suited for getting bugs and such.
Droopy bushy/hanging hair tail.


As for a species name,maybe 'Canteer'?
That's all I can think of.


Aradia LeMew
Actually I was thinking more of a cat like body with a bustier tail longer nose and anteater markings because I prefer the look of anteater markings... Black stripe over chest and down with white front paws with longer retractable claws. But the name I'm certainly not sure of... I wanted to do something completely random but Canteer sounds like there might be deer in it. Thanks you for your suggestions.... I'll think them over.