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This is the worst game store ever.


Maybe they're factory sealed copies? :V

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You have to buy more to keep escaping though. You can get 1000+ hours out of some videogames.

Video games should cost whatever nets companies the most profit. Right now, that's about $60 for a new game and $15/month for MMOs.

Though I do agree in terms of value I get more out of a video game than most other things I can think of for $50


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I got FFVII for $10 off of PSN.
It's not the same though

I like having the original copies of games, as long as they're available
That's why when my mom told me I would have to sacrifice my copies of Banjo-Kazooie and Banjo-Tooie just to download them onto Live, I refused

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One time my brother and I rented this GREAT PS2 game called Whiplash. It was hilarious. I'd been looking for it ever since then, and one day I finally found it at some obscure video game store in the mall.

It was priced at $7, but the guy gave it to me for $4.

It was a very happy moment.


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Universal Rock Band Replacement Kick Pedal Price: $48.99

LOL at Rockbandparts.com you can get a Rock Band 2 Stock pedal, this product exactly, for just $5 o_O

Also, look at the insane price difference between "God of War Chains of Olympus" for PSP which is $17.25 and "God of War (1)" for PS2 at $43.99. My god, there's a God of War 3 already out, and they're selling God of War 1 for a little bit less than the price of God of War 3 :mad:


Amazon has some fuck-ups there. Try looking for anything that's mainstream--in or out of demand--and you'll find some sellers marking them for more than 200% the going market price. Did i mention these vendors are all in the USA? Because these vendors are all in the USA.

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Amazon used game prices are a crapshoot. I've gotten some dirt cheap off there before, others seem to go into insane inflation. Amazon is usually a good deal for new games though since they often sell slightly below store prices, don't charge taxes, and don't charge shipping if you're willing to wait a few days. Besides, they send the game to me and I don't have to get my lazy butt on public transit to go pick anything up.


Ohyes. I got monster hunter tri for 20$ off, new.
I didn't get the controller bundle, i like the wiimote on it.


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The local Wal-Mart tried to sell .hack//OUTBREAK for $65. :|



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I love how I can buy a gamecube at a cheaper price from them then the games it plays.

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