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This pear is awesome



The Poire d'Angoisse, or Pear of Anguish, was a Renaissance-era torture device, deriving its name from its shape. It was inserted into either the mouth, rectum, or vagina, and could then be greatly expanded through the operation of a screw mechanism. This had the effect of utterly mutilating the cavity in question, tearing through membranes, bone, and organs. The tip of the Pear was often pointed, allowing the executioner to rip through the cervix, small intestine, or throat.

The Pear was used both to extract confessions as well as to punish. The nature of the crime often determined the manner in which the Pear was employed. It was used vaginally on prostitutes, adulterous wives, and women suspected of having intercourse with demons. Orally, it was used on heretical preachers or those convicted of slander. Rectally, it was reserved for male homosexuals.

The Pear was used by both civil and ecclesiastical authorities, and was especially popular with the Spanish Inquisition.


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I don't know whether to turn away in shock or applaud the ingenuity


The Poire d'Angoisse does not have the appearance of a torture device. I can only imagine how disgusting and cruel the people of that era were.


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My friend was telling me about that.
They used it in witch hunting.
They also used to hang women upside down with their legs apart, and take a big saw and saw through their vagina's.

It's funny cause, if you confessed, they'd kill you.
If you didn't confess, they'd torture you in those manners till they killed you.

One of my favorites is they'd throw you off a cliff with a weight tied to your legs into the ocean.
If you survived, you were a witch and they killed you, if you died, you were human.

Another fun fact: All it took was someone stupid seeing you picking roots or something slightly out of the ordinary, then "OMGPOTIONS!!!!, OMGWITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Next thing you know you got a saw up your ass.

They'd perma-ban you from life for ANYTHING.

Twitch in your sleep.. "POSSESSED WIT DEMUNZ!!! GITER!!!!"

I'm just goddamn lucky I wasn't born back then, they thought anyone with a cherry-like birthmark on the back of their neck was a witch, and I am the bearer of one.
And prefer no spikes in my vagina..

The end, good night little ones.

(question: is the vagina pear really as small as it looks in that picture?)


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I think a few gays of modern day would rather enjoy getting that stuck up their ass. >_>

Sounds really awful. The horrible things that were done in the name of God. 'Tis stupid.


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What a nasty-grade sex-toy is that? And it's a metal chunk, awwww, that must be painful.


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Jonnaius said:
Ceceil Felias said:
What's this? I didn't expect the Spanish Inquisition!

No one expects the spanish Inquisition!!

I did! They rang about an hour ago wanting to have tea....


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This reminds me of two things:
1. the shape is somewhat similar to the Holy Hand Grenade from Monty Python and the Holy Grail
2. the Spanish Inquisition song from History of the World Part I