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This request pertains to Garrys mod


As the title suggests i have alittle request for all you player model / ragdoll makers.

Could you make me a player model and a ragdoll of my fursona?
heres a pic

Thanks and if you just pm me the finished product, instead of posting it to a site ( kinda want this just for me, unless i feel like releasing it)

Just let me know its done on the forum though :)



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Uh... you do know this would be better suited to either Facepunch or Gmod's forums.

Plus, a model is very time consuming to create. Many modders laugh at people who request models, as it takes upwards of a week of nonstop working to create a detailed one. Which they are already busy on their own projects. The grande majority of good modelers are highly sought after for HL2 mod projects. Ragdolls are also time consuming to code to Half Life 2's skeleton.

My advice? Commission one on Facepunch's forums. It would be a 1 in a million chance someone would create a model for you for the hell of it. Money on the other hand goes a long way.
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Facepunch is that way --> http://www.facepunch.com/

Also good luck trying to find someone willing to do it for you.

And good luck trying to do it yourself with (most probably) 0 experience in 3d modeling.