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The Drunk Skunk. Metal and Beer. FckNzs.
Thrashy the skunk drinks a lot of beer.

It's not a problem. He's so happy that he loves beer. There's a picture of the guy on this page .
He was the first one I ever wrote for. He was the first of the three to become the skunk.
A big deal. You know, one of those big deal things. This guy, he was a big deal. That's why I'm writing this post. Because of him.
I'm a pretty big fan of beer. My favorite type of beer. Not necessarily the most popular type, but the type of beer that I love and want to drink a lot. The type that I want to drink a lot of. And so, I am writing this article about how beer is a part of who I am. I'm not a beer drinker, or an alcoholic.


The Drunk Skunk. Metal and Beer. FckNzs.
The second try is... Special?

Thrashy the skunk drinks a lot of beer at a Slayer show.

This is not a bad thing!

8/8: "I got the fucking fack off"

9/8: "Hey, fuck you!"

10/8: "Yeah, yeah, that's it"

11/8: "Yeah, yeah, we're fucking your bitch!"

12/8: "We're fucking your bitch too!"

13/8: "I can't believe they fucking gave me that gig!"

13/8: "Fuck you, it's not my band"

14/8: "Oh yeah, fuck you, it's not my band!"

14/8: "Oh yeah, fuck you, I'm not your bitch!"

15/8: "Fuck you, you're not my bitch!"

16/8: "Oh yeah, you're not my bitch"

16/8: "Oh yeah


Princess Bunny ♥
Ahahaha oh boy I'm laughing more than I should xDDD

I tried it too and got:

She was a bunny girl, as as a bunny and a girl she couldn't... she couldn't go through all of this alone. That's why she made it her mission to protect all of them. She didn't know that she had to save them from themselves.

That's why she was a hero.

But... that was only one of the many reasons.

As she walked through the crowd of people and saw the blood and wounds on her friends, she couldn't help but become angry.

The things that she saw made her want to kill people.

That's why she had to save everyone.

"Hey! Is that a dragon!?"

A voice called out to her as she was crossing the street.

"H-hey, how can you be here?"

"...That's one of them, a blue-haired girl with red eyes. She's kind of tough looking."

"Blue-haired? No... the name's... the blue-haired


Sheogorath is my co-pilot
This is not a bad thing!
The second try is... Special?

Input: I am a both a happily married woman and a feline furry.

The only problem is that I have no idea what my wife actually looks like. I have seen pictures of her online, but no real picture of her. I want to know more about her and her personal life. I'd love to ask her for advice on what I should do about my love life."

In other words, you want to see a picture of your wife. It's the same question as if you were to ask someone, "Who's your favorite movie of all time?" You can ask for a pic of anyone you think is attractive, and no one is stopping you. But if you ask about your wife, you have to ask politely. You don't want to seem rude.

Of course, we aren't talking about a cat's eye view of the world. We're talking about actual, full-face pictures. That means a photographer must take photos of your wife's face, as well as her hands.


aka Cutter Cat
The sabertooth cat attacked his intended prey.

The sabertooth cat was being cared for at a zoo in the Canadian city of Winnipeg by its keeper when he decided to attack the animal he thought was his mate.
The cat attacked a cub and the keeper, in desperation, shot it.
The cub was rushed to a vet but despite emergency surgery the cub died on Saturday.
Zoo director Jim Puckett has spoken out against the incident and said it was 'the worst case of animal cruelty we have ever seen in Manitoba'.
Mr Puckett said: 'We would never take the sabertooth cat out of the wild but there is no excuse for a zoo keeper to shoot this animal, even in self defence.'
He said the zoo would investigate the incident.
Mr Puckett said the incident was one of the worst cases of animal cruelty the zoo had ever seen in Manitoba and 'the worst case of animal cruelty we have ever seen


The Drunk Skunk. Metal and Beer. FckNzs.
Furries are not the "worst kind of person" and "can even be nice if you give them a chance" are just a few of the many excuses used by people who claim they are "in the furry community" despite never having been a furry. It's a myth that all furries are bad, and that's why the people in this community aren't all terrible people who are just pretending to be one.

If we all had to be in the furry community and behave like it, it would be a terrible place to be. It's true that many furry people are a great and wonderful bunch, but as any community is prone to do, there are some who are just plain bad, and some who are just plain good.

I have met people in the furry community who have been incredibly kind, and others who have been extremely cruel. But that's just life, and it's important to remember that


Wholesome Vixen
Luci Lightbringer is a female anthropomorphic black fox with red hair and red eyes. She is very kind, fun-loving, and altruistic. Her dream is to be a princess. Her weapon is a blue sword with the words "Lazarus" on the hilt. Her other weapon is a pink parasol that has the words "I'm a princess" on it. As a result of being born without the soul of a human, she can never feel pain and is very calm. As a result of her human soul being unable to find a way out of the world of death, her human side is extremely weak and she constantly struggles with herself. She has an old-fashioned way of talking and is very serious. She is usually seen wearing a pink and white pajama-type outfit.

Her outfit includes a red and white cape with her fox face, a pink and white top


Well-Known Member
Mine came out pretty well!

Lounging lazily in the sun, she flicks her tail in contentment.

"It's beautiful out there today, isn't it?"

She turns away from me and leans on her tail to look up at me.

Her eyes are sparkling in the sun and her tail is swaying back and forth as if dancing.

I guess the day is starting to get hotter, but…

"Mmm, I like the weather."

It is the second day and I don't have any desire to get back home.

There is a part of me that wishes that I could return home with my tail in a wiggle-land, but my tail is still asleep.


Well-Known Member
The protogen liked the internet. It was a way to share ideas and a tool to communicate and collaborate. And that's the point.

The reason it worked so well was that it was a new frontier, new way of working. In the 1990s, the internet was seen as a tool that would liberate people from the constraints of time, distance, and other external factors. It would be the best way to share information and to share ideas. But it wasn't clear at the time that the internet was the best way to share ideas. People still wrote emails and wrote letters, but that wasn't a way of connecting in a way that felt natural and right. You could see it as a new form of communication, but you couldn't see it as a new way of working.

In 2013, in the wake of the Arab Spring, many people were shocked to learn how many of their peers had not participated in the demonstrations or protests. That surprised them.



Shekel collector
Are you fucking kidding me? These is a meme generator! Do you have any idea what kind of power did you gave me?!

Charlemagne leading Romans under Grunwald during French Revolution. Image Credit: Wikipedia.org

Romanians have a reputation for being loyal and willing to do anything to keep their family and country. This makes them particularly appealing as military advisors, and so it is that Romanian military advisors have been very prominent in the British Army over the last century. These were usually of high rank in the Roman legions, which served in France under the Duke of Normandy in World War I, as well as World War II in the Italian Campaign and the Second World War.

After the war, the Romanian army continued to be strong under King Carol II, with two other kings as his successors. During his reign, many of the great generals of the Roman Empire returned to Romania. King Carol II was the last monarch to visit Britain in the 1960s, in the company of some Romanians who had previously served in British military forces.

During World War II, Romania and Britain played a major role in defeating Nazism. Romania


Sheogorath is my co-pilot
Because I am nerdy enough to do it.

Input: The Terminator found his target: Jar-Jar Binks.

No, no, no, no, no, no!

(They all knew the plan already.) He got out the tranq gun, shot him in the stomach, and then ran out the front door of the Capitol Building and jumped a fence. He was taken into custody soon thereafter.

It's interesting that Binks, the guy who had no clue what he was doing at the time, ended up getting the job of giving the Terminator instructions. But that didn't end his problems.

The next morning the Terminator showed up again to help Binks, this time with a box cutter. He cut into Binks' stomach and released his power of speech. He told Binks that he needed to become an American citizen (or else he would be sent back to wherever he was from and given the choice of becoming a terrorist). He then told Binks that the only way he could stay in the country was to join the United States Marine Corps


Shekel collector
Adolf Hitler raids fridge, but his parents refuse to believe it

The incident happened after the family had been drinking heavily.

He said: "They said the man was 'disgusted' by the sight of a dog eating the meat from the fridge. They said he had to move on."

After that, he said, they left him alone to take a nap in his own room.

But a few hours later, he awoke to find the door to his room open, his bag and mobile on the floor, and a man sitting in the room with him.

The man reportedly said the boy was a 'chicken' and that it was his father's job to look after him.

The boy was later taken into care in Germany and then taken to a hospital, where his condition was described as stable.


The Drunk Skunk. Metal and Beer. FckNzs.
Ok, last try, then I'll stop spamming this thread for today! ^^

Thrashy is a male anthropomorphic skunk that drinks a lot of beer, wears a bandshirt and a blue denim battle jacket. He likes Metal. His weapon is a shovel. He likes to fight.
In a rare instance of the game not being able to handle a male character without a shirt on, the developer of the game decided to make it clear that it was not acceptable to play the game without a shirt. They chose to change Thrashy's appearance because of his choice in clothing. Why? Because Thrashy is a male and if you look at a male skunk you see two things - one, a very attractive skunk and two, a very sexy skunk. So it is acceptable to look at Thrashy in a sexy way and it is not acceptable to look at him in a very attractive way.


A creature of the night
It was a dark and stormy night when the ninjas attacked him, and he was able to get rid of them, but a mysterious ninja was able to escape. After escaping, he met the ninja and learned from him about a mysterious girl who was also trying to find her brother. The ninjas were also able to escape, and the girl told them where her brother was. He met his brother at a small town, and was happy to see him after being away from him for so long. The brother also had a mysterious past, and that he may have been able to save the girl from the ninja attack, but then went missing. It was unknown what happened to him.

Towards the end of the manga, he encountered an old man who knew his past, but had lost all his memories. He was also attacked by a ninja, who he defeated. After the ninja left, the ninja that attacked him told him that he had been saved by the "Kurobeshi".


Tetched In The Head
The purple fox sat on a rock, and munched on grapes.

"Hey, Zoot, what's your story?" Zoot's eyes widened and his ears fell, but he did not turn around.

"It was about two weeks ago that you kidnapped me, and they... I don't know." He shook his head. "They're kind of weird, to tell you the truth."

"Well, I have a theory, why don't you tell me?"

Zoot frowned and leaned down, so that he was staring at the Purple Fox. "What if I'm not your real brother?"

The purple fox shrugged."There's your answer."

"Well, okay. I mean, yeah, it was a dumb idea. I thought we could do something with the grapes you were offering, but I guess that doesn't work with you, since you're so smart."

The purple fox smirked.

Seth the purple fox raided Simo the Skunk's vegetable garden.

Mum and Dad's house

Seth the purple fox was playing the guitar and singing about his feelings for his girlfriend, Simo the Skunk. Simo the Skunk was in a state of shock at Seth's actions.

Seth the purple fox was standing in front of his house.

Simo the Skunk was eating a potato that had been left for him by his girlfriend.

Seth the purple fox was standing in front of his house.

Sometime later:

Seth the purple fox ran to Simo the Skunk's house, screaming loudly about his girlfriend. He then jumped into Simo's vegetable garden.

Seth the purple fox jumped into the garden, while yelling about how he loved his girlfriend.

Simeon the Purple Fox (later revealed to be Simo the Skunk) had heard the noise and ran out of the house.
Gave it a second try. It did not disappoint... xP
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back to Aussie foxying!
Ravo the fox slipped into the chicken coop. He was not as surprised as his companions, for he had long known the secret. The coop was full of birds and rodents and some large, strong creatures that resembled dragons. They were no threat to the fox, but they were still the last remaining vestige of the Old Kingdom. They were so afraid that they could not even move to escape his sudden attack, but their terror could not keep them from falling asleep in a single second.

A few seconds later, the fox had torn into each of the creatures, making his escape. The fox had also done the same to the small, furry little rabbit that had woken up to see what was happening. They had all gotten up, and were now running to their masters.

After he had left the chicken coop, Ravo found himself in the open, surrounded by the birds, mammals, and dragons that had woken up. The fox had also disappeared from his view.

Oh boy, I think Ravo needs a chill pill:p


Shekel collector
(This is not work of AI, this is taken from my diary)

Last straight man standing against invasion of homosexuals
, Obama was a good man. He gave me a good name. He gave my life meaning. I think he was the best president we've had in my lifetime.

And if he is impeached, I will support him fully. My mother was gay. I have no tolerance for homosexuality.

But I also believe that the majority of Americans are in favor of traditional marriage. It's just not politically correct.

But I support the president 100%. I support him because he's an amazing human being. I support him because he understands that he was the most powerful man on the planet because he was a black man.

And I supported him because he's a great person.

And the fact that he said that about America's first black president, it's not a big deal to me. It's just good manners.

What I do care about is that we still have a lot of work to do in this


Hello, Proto
A rogue artificial intelligence took over the city, and the only person who can save humanity is you. A giant space marine from the future, sent back to try and stop the alien menace.

Fight in the streets or in the most extreme environments to destroy all that stand in your way. Collect resources, upgrade your weapons and equipment and explore the depths of the city to find new resources and discover hidden treasures. Discover the mysteries of the city, but make sure you stay alive, because you are not alone…

Key Features

*A giant space marine from the future

*Explore the most extreme environments

*Upgrade and customize your weapons and equipment

*Collect resources, upgrade and upgrade your armour

*Destroy the enemies of mankind

*Discover the secrets of the city

*Stay alive!


Purveyor of cookies
My new fursona is a wolf! It's a little different than mine though, it looks a bit more wolf-like than me, but still like me. I also have some kind of wolf-hybrid form, my wolf-brother, my father's wolf-brother, that's how I knew him. And also another form that is a mix of both, like mine and my dad's form. So he's a wolf hybrid."

"I see. What do you call them when you're with a hybrid?"



"That's what my mom calls it when she talks about me, too. She calls me pupils."

"What does your dad call it?"

"Mama pupils."

I think she said, "Pupils" when she was talking about how she talked to him.

"Well, it's a nickname. I guess


Hello, Proto
My new fursona is a wolf! It's a little different than mine though, it looks a bit more wolf-like than me, but still like me. I also have some kind of wolf-hybrid form, my wolf-brother, my father's wolf-brother, that's how I knew him. And also another form that is a mix of both, like mine and my dad's form. So he's a wolf hybrid."

"I see. What do you call them when you're with a hybrid?"



"That's what my mom calls it when she talks about me, too. She calls me pupils."

"What does your dad call it?"

"Mama pupils."

I think she said, "Pupils" when she was talking about how she talked to him.

"Well, it's a nickname. I guess
Mama Pupils the Wolf

Gotta get a drawing of it now lol.