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Those moments...



Do you guys also sometimes just exist and then you think about something funny and start laughing and smilling ?
Like its the worst in public places because people will think you are crazy.


Sometimes. It's very embarrassing for me. I usually remember something very funny and can't control it.
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I hate that a lot, its mostly because of memes, when im in a public place and i either remember a very good meme and i start losing it, or im looking at memes through my phone, and i when im alone i can just suppress the laugh even if its the funniest thing i have ever seen, but when im in public that doesnt work, so i start laughing like an idiot, and the worst part is, like 30 seconds later i go back to see the same meme and start laughing even more


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I remember being in a test once when I suddenly remembered that the “skidaddle skidoodle your dick is now a noodle” vine existed and it literally looped itself in my head. I was trying so hard not to laugh because if I did I would get an earful from my teacher.

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oh heck yes... walking down the street and suddenly think of some stupid freakin' line from DBZ Abridged and start giggling like a lunatic... then realize I look like a lunatic, do my best to stifle it but then I just look like I'm smirking creepily at everyone I pass... augh. Life is suffering.
It happens all the time! I don't mind it though, nothing wrong with expressing joy publicly - I always crack a little smile when I see others do it, I think it's great!


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Most definitely, even if I'm feeling really bad about myself I can still think of something funny that makes me smile. Humor was always something I could rely on during the worst of times so I embrace those feelings with open arms always. I can control myself from laughing usually, but sometimes people will ask me what I'm smiling about. Everyone around me just accepts that I'm odd eventually and stops asking questions like that.

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Yeah, it happens to me sometimes. I've already let madness fill me, and I hear voices from the other world.
All the time. And the shit I laugh at is way to stupid.

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When you're a person who collects reaction memes and post memes...
Those moments are a lot common and I often laugh to myself at them when they come up.

I am 90% sure my flatmates and classmates think I'm a lunatic.