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Thought I'd say hi 'cause I never did


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I'm debating in my head whether to give you banana bread >.> <.<


He who shale be ignored...
Perrrsia: Hi nyaa =3 You might want to say more then hi X3 Like...what your are for example =3

Yes, that would seem a bit more...apropriate.


It's showtime!
Yeah, that makes sense XD

well, let's see, I'm a grey fox. I can't draw, but I occasionally play music...that sounds a bit better, eh?


It's showtime!
well, what else could there be?

my hobbies? (videogames..teh internets..and the natural world)
my physique? (normal height, but very very skinny)
uh..my..favorite kinds of music? (jazz and techno!)


Formal when angry
Thietogreth said:
Rilvor said:
You can't stay here. This is my country.

Perrrsia: Nyaa don't be mean X3

AHA! I snared one!

a line from the book in which Raoul Duke, the alter-ego pseudonym of Thompson himself, is on his way to Las Vegas while being affected by various drugs, and thus hallucinates, seeing huge bats and manta rays in the sky. With this, he screams to his companion, Dr. Gonzo, "We can't stop here. This is bat country."

You can't stop here. This is my country. (If you haven't caught on yet, this is how I am greeting people)