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Thoughts about this drawing Tablet.


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So far I've been drawing in an extremely old drawing tablet that doesn't detect pen pressure or anything.
It's basically a pen sized mouse.
So now that I have some extra money, I'm thinking about buying a more modern one. And I'm considering this one.
Huion Inspiroy H950P

Any thoughts ?


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This seems like a good choice for hobbyist in general.
If you are into animation, just note that Toonboom does not support Huion tablets.
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Just grabbed a H1161, myself.

I was a little put off by the light weight -- it feels delicate, and I want to treat it like a hollowed out egg. But the pen sensitivity is responsive, and it feels nice to draw on.

I would get the little drawing glove Huion offers. Beyond saving your tablet surface from hand oils, it just feels super good to draw without having the tacky resistance of your palm against the 'page.'


Indie Game Artist / Telegram: vinfang
Just found out there is Huion Inspiroy Ink H320M. they are the exact same price, but H320M got better spec than H950P.

Color Black VS Black or Red
Dimension 320.8 x 188.8 x 8mm VS 305.4 x 179.6 x 9mm
Workspace 221 x 138mm VS 228.6 x 142.9mm
Net Weight 497g VS 450g
Interface Micro USB VS USB-C
Report Rate 233PPS VS 266PPS
Press Keys 8 Programmable Press Keys VS 11 Programmable Press Keys