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Thoughts on ears... not flapping

Plugging along on my second head. One of my big goals this time is to improve the ears from my last head... specifically, not flapping when I did not want them to. I've written this blog post on my efforts so far: www.sanssoucistudios.com: Making ear patterns for a fursuit wolf head I think I may be getting somewhere.

I'd be interested to hear other's thoughts on this subject as well.

And because my blog posts are behind where I'm actually at with this head, here's a Facebook picture showing progress closer to where it's actually at:
Thanks for looking!


aka Cutter Cat
I like what I see so far. If you don't want the ears to flap, you can things like add a cant strip around the base of the ear inside (a little triangular strip that makes the base a bit wider). You can also add a stiffener to the back of the ear like maybe plastic grid and be sure to tie it into the skull portion to add extra adhesion.
Thank you for the info!! I'll have to check out cant strips.

So far these ears are much stiffer- helps that I hand sewed them, so that they fit the foamy supports better.


aka Cutter Cat
I used to do commercial/industrial roofing. I kind of borrowed the term "cant strip" from that. You would use a cant strip when turning roofing materials up a wall. It gave a better transition without danger of rupturing the roofing. *sorry... the construction nerd escaped for a bit. lol