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Thoughts on my dinosaur mask technique?


So I'd really like to start selling masks and bases with a focus on realistic/semi-realistic dinosaurs, dragons, and similar creatures, and I think I've got a construction technique that works pretty well: EVA foam.


(A raptor mask in the process of being built; I've made a lot more progress on it since this pic)

It's easy to cut and glue, lightweight, inexpensive...

And I've never seen anyone use it for fursuits. It gets used for cosplay props and armor all the time, so, in theory... there's nothing wrong with using it. But I'm afraid I missed a memo somewhere. Is there something I should be aware of...?

In any case, the end result will look something like this:

(This is an older mask not made with EVA foam--I used something definitely worse: paper board and wire :"D)

I'd love to do resin heads, but I'm not living in a place where I can deal with the chemicals and fumes effectively, so I'm working with what I can to still deliver a good product. I'm just starting out, so I don't expect people to pay much, but currently I have mask blanks (just the foam 'skull') listed on my FA for $60-$80 USD, and I'm thinking a finished head would be at least $300--does this seem like a fair price?

Anyway, thanks for any feedback and taking the time to read!


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Hey your work is amazing! I think you have a good idea going on here. Ok so, Eva foam is a very versatile material. Give worked with it for a few years, the pro is that you can build almost anything, but the con is that it can wear out and tear quick if you dont give it maintenance.

Perhaps Worbla could help you out. Cosplayers combine this a lot with eva foam builds. Its an easy to use thermoplastic sheet, you can wrap it around the foam to give it more strength.

I hope this helps, happy crafting!


Heheh, thank you! I've been working on this project only sporadically since I made this thread, so I don't have any updates--but that's an intriguing suggestion about the worbla. I'm not sure how it would interact with the skull structure, as heat can be used to shape EVA as well-I wouldn't want it to warp :"D