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Thoughts on Setting Lore


Chaotic Neutral Wreckage
Hey there, I'm having one of those nights as an insomniac so I decided to write up a quick setting segment for Faline's city dwelling, Lestaia. If you'd like to read it and give me your thoughts I'd be more than happy to hear them and take any criticisms into account during my next revision (as I'm sure there will be many, haha).

Also gonna put a spoiler. It's not excessive but there are some mature bits (ex. Mentions of cults near the bottom) that people might not like.

There are rumors of a city that lurks within the mists of oceans. A city with buildings that kiss the heavens, and layers the reach into the deepest layers of hell. This rumored city goes by many names; The lost city, the Bermuda triangle, the trenches, and so on. You see, the city is always moving - and so the name is always changing, - but it's denizens have begun to lovingly call it Lestaia, a word that to most of it's residents means "Drifter City".

Now, based upon its name you might be wondering how exactly this city moves. Well, the easiest way to describe it would be that the city exists on a plane known as the Ethereal. It slips in between the known and unknown world - and all versions in between, - when circumstances allow it. It exists on a permanently in between basis, and allows those who live near wherever it's spawned the chance for sanctuary and second chances. A mortal paradise...except, not.

Much like Lestaia's very existence, the city holds many rumors about what it does and does not allow inside. Some people might walk right through it and never so much as catch a glimpse. Others may simply wake up inside of the city, already with a new life and new memories.

To say that Lestaia kidnaps people is a bit strong. It does not take people who do not desire to leave wherever they are. It merely offers opportunity to those who wish for better. This is why most residents tend to have pasts that aren't too happy, and a lot of them also have criminal records under their belts. Everything from talented graffiti artists to criminals sentenced to death can be found here...and it's not an easy place to survive if you happen to anger the wrong crowd.

Thankfully, there are gangs that offer protection and aid to both old and new alike. All of them have their own set of rules and customs, and you may not be welcomed into one simply by asking, but they exist - and they await those who search for them hard enough.

Most of the time these gangs mean no trouble. However there are stereotypical responses to those who boast about being in one. Gang wars are a common occurence thanks to those who run their mouths, and if a gang takes more than its fair share, it can cause others to starve...and you know what they say about desperation.

It wouldn't be so bad if a formal government was used, but Lestaia is a place of anarchy ruled by those who see fit to take advantage. There are good people who take what they need and help out the weak, but as you might imagine, there are many bad apples too. Thankfully, the city Reaver prevents rotting bodies from stinking up the place.

The Reaver is another rumor, of course. The kind you hear that crazy old naked guy ranting and raving about in the back. Though, to say mysterious deaths haven't happened would be a lie.

There have been many missing person's reports over the years, mainly reported to the Bloodwings; a gang notorious for hunting down people who've run away from the wrong place. However even they weren't able to find traces, and eventually if cases looked similar they turned a blind eye to them. Seeing them as a waste of time, perhaps even someone's cheap prank.

Whatever the case, others have taken it upon themselves to spread the oddity, preaching it as the city's Reaver. Similar to a Reaper if you will, though others might also consider it the Guardian Angel of the place. As many stories of decay and death that haunt the Reaver's image, others claim to have been saved by the creature. Details are often sketchy, but mention of glowing horns and blue fire often accompany the creative tales spun for any that would bother listening.

After awhile people even began to make offerings to the Reaver as a way to avoid participating in heavier crimes. Everything from asking for wealth, protection, love, and so on is requested and in return they create homemade dolls and burn them in the hottest fires. A symbolic life sacrifice, as whenever they tried to sacrifice a living person with the fire wouldn't start properly...it was thus seen as taboo to sacrifice lives to the Reaver.

Taboo to everyone except the Plague, a group of cult members who believe that the Reaver is the one true Goddess - and the only way to appease her is to offer blood sacrifice once a year. They feast on the entrails of the sacrificial victim after they're killed with the belief that it will give them the blessing of the Reaver. To say they are unhinged is putting it lightly...but, if a resident is desperate enough, it is said that they can seek them out for visions of the outside world. A window into their former life, and possibly, a way back. If curious enough to chance it.

No one has ever seen anyone return after seeking them out. Whether it's because they were sacrificed or sent back to their previous life is a mystery to all but the members themselves.

Sir Thaikard

My biggest issue with this is that the inhabitants of the city get more content than the actual city itself. Asides from the fact that it's extremely tall in both directions and that it is able to move around thanks to dimensional hijinks I'm not sure what to think of it. No idea about its architecture, logistics, or its atmosphere.

I do get that you're trying to portray that the city has its good and bad inhabitants but it feels a bit muddled when you say there are "good apples" too. I would just axe that entire chunk, talk mostly about the crazy, evil, bad, etc. cultists and then introduce one cult that is semi-good, or less bloodthirsty.