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Thoughts On xmonad (Linux window-tiling manager)?


Brain Emo
I've gone switched my X11 window manager over to xmonad and I have to say, its one of the
best decisions I've made for my OS. Seriously, my productivity has been seeing
ridiculous improvement. The customization is beautiful too; it's all written in
Haskell, so it's pretty easy yet also pretty much unlimited. Any one else dabbled
in xmonad? If so, join me in a poweruser circlejerk.


Kitsune of the PC Master Race
Wait, this is an X replacement? *quick 10-second research* Ah, it's a wm FOR the X environment. Makes much more sense.

I can't say I'd enjoy this kind of thing. Obviously there's no negative space when working, but this seems like it would set off the ADHD in me pretty badly. Not to say it isn't great, just not for me. I do like the minimalistic approach to window management, though, and if you look to both Mac OS and Windows alike, they're both beginning to offer "full screen app" experiences as well. Except here, you don't have to choose between one or another window - Just tile them!


Pretty much the same here, I use Window Maker, cause I kinda have a thing for OpenStep still. Also, I don't like the bloat that things like Gnome have become.

Also, Haskell? Isnt that the next language to end all languages? Like Jovial, Ada, Lisp, Java, TCL, Perl, Python, Ruby... what else?