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I wouldn't. Unless you have a spare head in case of a sudden frying pan. ;)

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I'm a simple man.
I see yiff. I like.

If people do not like it, I shall respect that.
Aslong as we respect one and another's choices, we'll be fine.

BDSM isn't bad by the way, it requires consent from both parties and the bottom technically has the most 'power'.
It's why there's things like safewords and how people always recommend aftercare and even getting stuff to eat/drink after. (Depends on what ya do.)
It can harm but that's if you do it wrong. And no one can fault you for a mistake since that's how we learn.


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Yiff is just a word that Furries substitute for sex. Sex is a normal biological function. The Fandom is mostly made up of Furries in their early to mid twenties. That is the time that most people are concerned the most with sex, so it isn't just a Furry thing, it's just that Furries are more open to talking about it so it seems that way.

I dunno...you'd be surprised how horny a lot of the older ones are :p


I've enjoyed the yiff and can remember some of the good yiffs I've had.

But, now I'm burnt out from the yiff to a point where, my mind and brain turn to mush thinking about it and not in good ways. It feels like after the first 1,000 times you've masturbated, it stops feeling good. Least for me it has stopped feeling good and that's coming from someone who's stroked for about 18 years of his life.

Also, Yiffing has really destroyed a part of me where I have a bit of a hard time actually 'loving' someone for them as them, not for their assets.
I don't have any interest in it but that doesn't mean that I necessarily want it gone from the fandom.
I am not going to harsh anyone else's jive, as it were.

I have written smut in the past so I guess I have no qualms about out-putting it in a purely literary perspective.
I am potentially open to NSFW fanart of my RP character, within reason.
Swings and roundabouts. I'm asexual/demisexual, so that probably plays quite a part.
The acceptance of yiff depends on that the people who are not into it are capable of respecting it. So your voice in that matter is actually very important.


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as long as its given warning so i don't have to click on it, im fine. I don't really care to see random genitalia pop up, and sadly both on twitter and FA it happens...
I have no issues with people expressing themselves; i've drawn human related hentai stuff myself....not really too into the furry naughty things tho...but power to all those that do enjoy. As long as its not centered around children or actual animals, its none of my business.


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Yiff art is great. Never participated in RP with no desire to.

I'm kind of a sexless nerd irl.

It's a part of the fandom, but not the biggest part.
If the desire will ever grow and you will get curious? Just kill it somehow. You will only regret if you don't.


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As long as nobody's being exploited or hurt, yiff's perfectly fine in itself.

The problem, as usual, is with the people who've lost sight of the line between fantasy and reality, who refuse to keep their paws to themselves, and/or who don't know the meaning of "TMI." The even greater and more serious problem is with the literal predators who see the fandom as a kind of "happy hunting ground."

Naturally, it's also awkward and embarrassing that normies can stumble across yiff so readily and easily when they're just trying to learn about the fandom generally.


i avoid pornography in general but when exposed to it i would prefer yiff

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I'm not strictly against yiff but it's definitedly OVERRATED these days - that's for sure. Like a spreading disease. It's just like there's nothing else to do or talk about anymore and that's so ANNOYING!


I don't mind yiff . Its way more comfortable to look at then porn.
Honestly its interresting seeing the different ways its drawn .

Buuut there is some stuff in yiff which I am totally not fine with like I despise it when it includes actual animals or other shady stuff.:mad:

A bit annoyed tho that people prefer yiff over normal art


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As long as it’s not hurting anyone I don’t mind it.


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Yiff art is great. Never participated in RP with no desire to.

I'm kind of a sexless nerd irl.

It's a part of the fandom, but not the biggest part.

Protip for sexy roleplays. Type *farts by accident* every few minutes.

The ladies love it.