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I dont mind it as long as its kept in its own little corner, well large corner, and doesnt disturb other s who dont like that corner. I personally am not a huge fan of that corner so i steer clear and it works out. As long as people are respectful then its fine.


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I think my thoughts on yiff can be summarized as whatever floats your boat.
I don't like it but if you do, whatevs.




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I have a few thoughts, and am running on too little sleep, so pardon me if things get a bit jumbled.
  1. People seem to confuse "about" and "is a part of" a lot. For the vast majority of furries, far as I've been able to discern, furry fandom is not about sex. That would be like saying, I don't know, that Christianity is about sermons. Many Christians go to service and listen to sermons, but the sermons are not what make the faith, God is. Sex/"yiff" (personally not keen on the word) is not what makes the furry fandom; enjoyment of anthropomorphism is.
  2. People, both within and outside of fandom, seem to have a hard time differentiating what someone draws (or writes, or roleplays) from what they are into. This honestly goes for both creators and consumers; the notion that "I can't draw that because it doesn't turn me on" makes no more sense to me than "you drew that so you must be into it." Like, there's stuff I won't draw period, stuff I won't draw for money, stuff I won't draw on request (except possibly if the request is made by a small subset of people), and so on - while there's trends/overlap those boundaries do not correspond perfectly to my personal kinks. The list of things I can and have drawn is more extensive and varied than the list of things I'm into. Some aspects of portraying a kink or activity you're not into can sometimes be challenging, but there's nothing dictating you have to draw with your genitals.
  3. Furry artists overall tend to be good about labeling and separating out their adult material. There may sometimes be disagreements on where the boundaries should be, exactly (see tame kink content), but few furry artists would post full-on penis-in-orifice porn without some kind of warning or login wall. (People who do try to shove porn in your face are obviously rude, but that's true everywhere, and furries are not excempt from having a few dickholes in our midst.)
  4. The dichotomy between "clean" and "adult" furry artists is not only false, but harmful. Animosity between the two perceived camps will only hurt everyone in the long run. It's no more fair to label exclusively SFW artists as stuck-up or prudish, than it is to label artists who do NSFW content as sell-outs or pandering to the masses. People draw what they draw for their own reasons, and moralizing about it isn't doing anyone any good.
  5. Some furry content creators really need more sex ed. Like, desperately.
Okay, back to bed for me.

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yiff is okay i guess. for some, things like transformation or growth seem to turn me on than mere yiff unless the person does something interesting with it...since half the time make the furries human, barely anything changed..
It could be any form. Animated figures in general tend to be the idealized human form. They're also more likely to appeal to a niche fetish than an irl porno and better.