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Thread for History Enthusiasts


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For all 3 of you that take an interest in history. Anyways, if you have a passing interest in history, I encourage you to post a few little tidbits you found particularly interesting

A few areas I am particularly strong in historically speaking include the history of the European Classical age (Rome in particular), the European Renaissance, and generally speaking the 1800's up the the early modern era. I tend to enjoy military history in particular, reading about points in history like Caesar's campaigns in Gaul, the Napoleonic Wars and Gustav Adolphus's battles are very interesting, especially the tactics and strategies employed.
We're very clever when it comes to killing each other apparently.

A particular point of history I always found interesting was Skanderbeg's resistance against the Ottoman empire. This was during a time in the world were the Ottoman empire threatened to encroach into Europe. What's remarkable is that Skanderbeg with a country barely a tenth of the size of the Ottoman's were able to hold the back and consistently defeat an army far larger and more vast than his for several decades. His battles are quite fascinating reads for that reason. Without his resistance, most of Europe could have been an Islamic continent with a vastly different culture. It's quite interesting to think about and analyze.

If you got a few historical subjects you'd like to talk about, don't be afraid to pitch in.
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