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Thread of breads


Are we moomin, or are we dancer?
I bought far too much yeast, so I'm going to be posting a record of the breads I make.
I usually make flat breads, so they may feature too!

If anybody else is baking bread, I think it would be wonderful to share them- especially if anybody has really tasty ideas.

Here's the first bread- this is a loaf of olive bread. It has a whole tin of olives, olive-oil and rosemary. I achieved a crust on the bread by scoring its surface after I proved it, and basting the surface with flour and olive oil.
The loaf was given 25 minutes at 200C on fan.



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Bread is my weakness food, generally I'm very good at controlling my eating and maintaining my weight. But bring a loaf of white bread into the house and it will be gone within 24 hours.

So I don't buy bread, and luckily I'm too lazy to make home made bread (home made bread best bread).

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I love artisan crafted bread. I worked at a Panera before, and they had a variety of kinds to pick from, which was impressive for a nation wide food chain. I loved tomato basil, sour dough, baguette , and many more. It's a big comfort food for me when I am enjoying it with some soup or stew. On Christmas and Thanksgiving dinners, my family generally serves anything we make with bread rolls, which with lightly added butter, is incredible.

Oh, and Mr.Fox....

Thread of breads, use say?

I give you the fabled cat-bread.

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Thanks for giving me an excuse to post this image for the dozenth time.



Are we moomin, or are we dancer?
Are you using a bread machine or anything? Cos these look really tasty and make me want to bake!

I mixed the ingredients in a saucepan and then I kneed the dough on a chopping board and into the oven for proving + baking.

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Any thoughts about sourdough bread?


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The texture looks beautiful.

Did your technique require leaving a dough over-night?
Thank you! That roll in particular didn't have big air pockets in it, but they can get really bubbly inside. Recommended sitting time for the dough starter is 18 hours, and the whole process can take over 24 hours. The good news is that it's only like 30 mins of actual work during that time.

Here's the recipe I use. I recommend using the weight measures given: Ciabatta Recipe


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That's some very nice looking bread, @Fallowfox! And the scoring has a huge effect on how it turns out; more so than one might first think.

It's been 7 months now, since I have been working in a relatively small bakery, doing 'artisan' breads, and I've learned a good deal! But phew: talk about hot. The place is pretty warm, even in the dead of winter.

I took some pics last night, but they were kinda dark, so I'll take some more, so you can behold our various rye breads: Caraway, Sunflower and traditional.

My favorite loaf we do is one called Spinach Feta; it's pretty subtle, with very nice herbaceous flavors, and just a hint of feta. Makes a very good grilled cheese, and is perfect for a turkey sammich with smoked Gouda.

Also: we get one free loaf of bread, per shift: so I always have fancy, fresh bread these days : ) Have not really baked any at home, aside from pizza dough, and some dessert things...which makes me feel like I'm still at work.
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