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Three Adoptables for Sale, $35 each! ♡ Each comes with reference sheet, one comes with extra art!


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Originally posted these on my twitter (@cutesnoot) but unfortunately I dont think a lot of my followers are furries or interested in anthro art ^^' & ive been meaning to make an account here for a while anyway so.. hey there! expect more art from me here in the near future ♡

First up, Aquarium the neon blue spotted skunk!

Next, Cocoa the chocolate-mint unicorn-cat!

and lastly, Lavender the sleepy pastel hyena!
(they come with one piece of extra artwork; a flat-colour, full-body illustration of lavender walking home from pickin up groceries)

♡ All three of these characters are priced at $35/£25, and I only take payment through paypal ♡
♡ If you want to buy all three, you'll pay $85/£60 instead of the full $105/£75 theyre worth ♡

Once claimed in the thread, I'll message u a link to my paypal & once I've received payment, I'll send you your unwatermarked reference sheet (& extra art, if you choose Lavender :p )

Also just for the record; feel free to change the characters names, feel free to give them whatever gender(s) you want! I felt like including some kind of "name" for these sheets would be a nice touch, thats all ♡
if you buy any of my adopts, and want to change the name, pls tell me and ill change it on the reference sheet for you for free!

Thats all for now! Thanks so much for takin a look at my art! \(^o^)/ ~♡♡♡​


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Still lookin for homes! ♡