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Throw some requests at me plzkthx


Throw some (BADGE) requests at me plzkthx

The list of things I have to do art-wise feels too short. Experience in badges is what I need, so throw 'em at me! D:<
Show your character, say what kind of badge (default is just a bust), and I'll reply. (If I don't, poke me at FA XD) Currently tablet is on the fritz, so it'll be traditional media, likely on plain ol' notecards. If this takes enough time and wacom is super fast, you'll get the option.

You can poke at my gallery to see what experience I've got, which isn't -terribly- astounding, but I'm ready to take on some new things. (But as always, understand the acceptance of requests is at the artist's discretion.)
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Star Sage

Willing to do fetish stuff? Say vore? If so...

A five view mini comic.

Central pic, and bigger than the rest is a pred about to chomp on a sandwich or burger, looking perfectly normal from that view, but in each corner is proof that this is anything but normal.

View in the upper left is from inside their mouth looking out at the food, showing a tiny prey trapped inside it.

In the upper right is a view of them chomping down onto the food.

Lower left is a view of them swallowing, can either be an outside view of a neck bulge, an inside view of the prey, or a cutaway view.

Lower right, a view of the prey inside their belly.

For the pred and prey...I don't really care, but since most people expect me to have something here, how's about a female horse, and a male dragon?


Let see......I would LOVE a badge finnaly! All my refs are in my FA gallery, click my paw at the bottom of my info. I just want his bust, with my name on it. If you need info, just let me know!


I'd like one. Not many refs though...just and average hyena chick with black mane and gold eyes. *shrug*
Oh, and glasses. Might as well add them in. You can be creative with it. :p


I'll throw my fursona in here for a default badge (It's ok if you don't get to it, these boards can get crazy!)

Ref: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/1636756/ (You can draw her in that form or an anthro form. I haven't drawn her anthro form yet ^^;


Let see......I would LOVE a badge finnaly! All my refs are in my FA gallery, click my paw at the bottom of my info. I just want his bust, with my name on it. If you need info, just let me know!


He's supposed to be yawning an stretchin'.

I'm just going down the list as I go folks, but please, keep adding. ^_^


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Ooh I'd like one. I don't have a ref but heres a quick description.
Im a 4'8" tall purple fured red fox, with black fur on the tip of my tail and fore arms/legs. my chest and belly fur is white. and my eyes are green, i wear glasses too. other than that please just have fun with it.

James Almasy

Sanity within Insanity
Yeah, I've got a request. And If I like the styles, I'll ask you to make something that will get you instant recognition in the furry world. First, I have three characters, All human, (well, actually, two are angel-like and the third is a reaper.) so if you can't draw humes, that's ok. James (my inner being, conscience.) Is a angel that has straight black hair halfway down his back, has black wings that can be hidden or released out of his back, literally ripping out of his back very fast. Has green eyes, wears old fashion medieval style clothing which is black. Carries Diamond longsword, judjes people of their sins, can't cut innocents, the sword is a judge, it's name shrouded in mystery. His brother, Alex, is very similar, however, Wears white medieval clothing, looks saintly, has golden-blonde hair,blue eyes, and white wings. Carries a Big black sword, Zwiehander type, with a red line going down the middle. blade also unknown, possesses evil greater than hell, takes over the weak-minded and emotionally distressed. Originally meant for James. And Adamas, wears black pants and black boots, A mummy wrap shirt, hangs out in some places, a cape with hood, black on outside, dark red on inside. Usually wraps his face in bandages, making others think he's ugly beneath. However, he has a beautiful face, green eyes, and long white hair to his ankles, it arcs out a little. has two Modified Tonfa that looks like scythes with chains attatched to the bottom. I wait with baited breath, and to tell you the secret artwork that I've been planning.