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Thumbnails for "Mature/Adult" art...


I keep my mature filter on because I don't care to see triple Z breasts, dog cock or any of the other more disturbing porn out there on FA but lately I have noticed that some of the thumbnails for said "blocked art" are showing up in my watched submissions list.

It's not that they are not marked as mature/adult either because if I go to click on them to inform they forgot to rate the submission I get the "You cannot view this subbmission" message...

This never used to happen before and I was just wondering if something has changed or if it's even been brought up yet...


Hey, Assbutt
On the same style of note, what the hell is the point in having a thumbnail that says NSFW, and behind it is the NSFW part.

So you're showing me a picture of a cock, with a warning about the picture containing a cock? Fan-fucking-tastic. Cheers.

Dr. Durr

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Or when it looks safe, and you get something SUPER NSFW. I have fingers crossed when I'm browsing.


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When an artist submits a piece, the FA system sends out notifications based on the rating assigned to it at time of submission. If you have Mature content disabled and somebody submits a Mature piece, FA won't notify you about it.

Sounds obvious enough, right? Here's the catch: When you view your submission notices, FA doesn't bother to filter any of the notices by mature content. If you have a submission notice in your Inbox then FA displays it to you no questions asked, regardless of whether you have Mature content enabled or not.

Normally this isn't a problem. But if a submission's rating is changed after it was submitted, FA doesn't bother to verify any notices that were sent out to see if they're still valid for the recipient. Ergo, if a piece is submitted as General but changed to Adult afterwards, its notice will still show up in your Inbox if you haven't dismissed it already, whether you want it to or not.

Likewise, if a piece was submitted with an Adult label but changed to General after the fact, people with Mature content disabled will never see it in their Inbox because they were never sent any notice about it to begin with.