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Thumbnails, Thumbnails, Thumbnails...


My issue: Thumbnails currently resize, convert file types, recompress, etc. which can have rather ugly effects on custom-made thumbnails.

Possible solutions:

1. Don't do it, or limit the cases where it does occur to prevent image butchery.

2. Post very clear and DETAILED restrictions about what thumbnails can and cannot be. It's really frustrating to make something less than 120x120, the proper resolution, and of a reasonably small file size, and have FA turn it into a horrendous-looking JPEG. Sometimes in doing this it even increases the file size.

It's odd, really, I'm finding an inconsistency in general thumbnail stuff on FA. One image I put up had a PNG thumbnail of about 10.5 KB. It stayed that way, and it looks just fine now. Tonight when I tried uploading new thumbnails to other files, however, it always turns them into crappy-looking JPEGs. An 18 KB PNG? a 9 KB GIF? A 9 KB JPEG? All turned into a smaller and appropriately more lossy thumbnail. Of course, when I uploaded a white square (199 bytes as a PNG) it turned it into a .99 KB JPEG. Why? :/

Presently I'm trying to spice up my gallery a bit by using more interesting thumbnails than are otherwise in place, putting joking content descriptions on them, etc. But it feels like my efforts are all for nothing when it crappifies the thumbnails just to save a few KB of bandwidth each time--an utterly minimal savings which, even when multiplied by a thousand, is still eclipsed by 1 or 2 listenings of a song or audio journal.

Other thing is that I am/my character is a red dragon. Bright bright red. And when you put bright red next to black lines, guess what happens? Big. Massive. Ugly. Compression. Artifacts. Thus I'm trying to figure out just what restrictions I have to work within so I can optimize the file's appearance for that size rather than letting an automated and consequently rather stupid system try to resize everything.


Dickie said:
The default size for a thumbnail is 120x120 pixels. When you make your custom thumbnails, just make them that size, or smaller, and you won't have this problem.

What I've come to realize is that if you upload a thumbnail that is 120x120 or smaller when you upload the picture, it keeps it. If you try to upload a thumbnail later, it always converts it to a JPEG which is ~5 KB in size. Grumble. This means my old images can have boring thumbnails, or lovingly crafted custom thumbnails turned into compression-fests.