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Tigger's Feral+Anthro Affordable and Quality Commissions!


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Hey there! I'm Tigger and I am once again open for commissions! ^_^

You can find more examples of my commissions and commission types HERE.
Or, you may browse through my FA gallery HERE.

I have a turnaround time of appx. a week and I work closely with each commissioner to make sure they get the result they want. I can work in both feral and anthro in a variety of different styles and formats. My prices, as shown above, generally go from $5-20.

If you are interested, please Note me on FurAffinity and I will add you to my queue, and hopefully get started on your art right away! :)

Thanks guys!


P.S. You may also contact me via Skype, my name there is tiggerpup91.
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