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Tigger's Feral+Anthro Affordable and Quality Commissions!


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(If you're wondering why there's two blank spaces it's because I can't offer those specific commission types here so just ignore them YAY)

Okay, so, my commissions are now open! <3

Commission Frequently-Asked-Questions:

Q. What is your general turnaround time for commissions?
A. I do my absolute best to have commissions done appx. a week after you have given me all the necessary information to start. Sometimes it may take up to two weeks. If anything happens to make me significantly delay, rest assured I will let you know. :)

Q. When do you require payment?
A. I only ask for payment to be sent once I have sent you a sketch that you are satisfied with. After that I will wait until payment has been sent, then finish your commission.

Q. What can I do with the art I commissioned from you?
A. Whatever you like, so long as my signature isn't removed, OR, if you are cropping an icon from a larger image and can't fit the signature, my profile page is linked and I am credited. Other than that, go crazy! Upload it wherever you like, this site or another site, print it out, put it on a t-shirt, go crazy. :p

Q. How much is charged for additional characters?
The prices for general ink/color/shade character art pieces are per character, so a single character flat-colored is $10, two characters flat-colored is $20, etc etc.

Q. Can you do art of me and my friend/mate/etc?
Yes. HOWEVER. Due to conflicts in the past I must say that I will ONLY show the sketches and get approval on them to ONE person, the one who initially commissioned me and/or is paying me. It is your responsibility to make sure that what I am doing is okay with EVERYONE involved. If one person in the group doesn't like the sketch, you must tell me, otherwise I won't know and thus won't be able to change it.

Q. What are things you won't draw?
Unfortunately I am not comfortable drawing any NSFW extras or scenes, or certain fetish themes, such as vore, inflation, etc. My apologies!

Prices are in USD.

If you would like to commission me, please send me a Note via FurAffinity.

Thanks, guys! <3