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Time travel/Slice of life rp 1 on 1, (n)SFW

Captain TrashPanda

A broke college racc
Hey frendos. I've had this prompt on my mind for a while, but what if you were just going about your day and someone from the future dropped in? Or vice versa, where you happened to find some device that sent you forward some amount of time and you had no idea what the year was, or the tech that was in use? Would you become friends with a stranger who takes you into their abode, or would you take in a stranger from the future?

If you are interested PM me on here and/or hmu on Discord, @BestLurkerCoonEver#9036 , I feel like this can go twenty ways from Sunday and has a lot of potential if someone is interested.
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The Felynes have arisen!
Hmmm, it depends on who dropped outta the reality-destroying time portal. If they smelled an awful lot like a Deathclaw, then I would most likely not let them stay in my humble abode. Unless they smelled like a Friendly Deathclaw, then it’d be different.