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Time Traveler YCH Commission Auction LIVE!!!


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Commission Description:This auction is for a SET of 12 images, each one an example of decade fashion from 1900 to 2010. This is a YCH (Your Character Here) auction and any character is welcome! Male, female or anyone in between, you may choose the style of clothing the set represents. (for example: if your character is very shy, reserved and prefers female clothing OR your character is aggressive, punk and prefers non-binary clothing etc. Anything goes! I will make the clothing fir not only the decade but also the character)
The final piece will be provided to the commissioner as a 25x4.5 300dpi png
*See "Auction Additions" for optional additions to the single 5x4.5 file
**The clothing in the new commissioned piece WILL be different than the clothing in the example. However, if you like something specifically I can created something very similar.
***Estimated completion time is 30 days after payment. This time could be longer according to the complexity of the character.

Auction Additions:
If the auction reaches a certain tier, these additions will be added on. If the final price is below, they will not be included.
$200 - Commission will include FOUR enlarged images of three decades together (ie: 1900, 1910 and 1920 in a single 11x8.5 image)
$300 - Commission will include the above as well as individual full size 8.5x11 images of each decade
$400 - Commission will include the above as well as ALL12 individual decades PRINTED and SHIPPED
$450 - Commission will include the above as well as a PRINTED and SHIPPED one of a kind art print of the entire set.

Paypal is the preferred method of payment, however I will also except check or money orders. Work will not begin until payment has been made (and cleared) in full.

Shipping (if applicable):
Shipping will be covered by me. I will ship anywhere in the world.