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Times when fur comes in handy =^.^=


Herro all, I am fairly new to the site as some of you know. Let me appologies if there ish a thread like this already, but i did my best to make sure there wasn't. I just wanted to take a shot at making my own thread... i figured it was time :]

Anywhooo, have you ever been in a situation or some event in your life when you stop and think... "gosh if only i was my fursona in real life i....Blank"....

this thread ish for you all to share a time in your life when being your fursona would really come in handy... or really not come in handy... either way lets hear about it ^^

a good example for me would be right now.... im sitting in a freesing freesing ice cold room on my bed i can see my breathe and my toes and fingers are numb... and i was just thinking "god, if only i was covered in fur and had a big bushy tail to keep me warm" how nice it would be... <.< my blanket isnt really doing me much good


Free hugs! ^^
Pretty much the same right now.
Some nice warm fur would be good about now. ^^
It's so cold I can't sleep properly. o.o


at college we were playing frizbee. one of my friends throws got alittle bit wild and we lost the frizbee up on the roof. If I had been my fursona I could of climbed up the side of the builden to get it and then glided back down


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Times when fur comes in handy =^.^=
1. When cops need a reason to spray you with pepper spray
2. When kids need a reason to act like a complete bastard
3. Hell, when anyone needs a reason to beat you :D


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Fur for warmth, cat eyes so I can see in the dark, the jacob's organ cat's have means I can taste food before I actually have to eat it. I'm already bad for eavesdropping, and cat ears are great for that as well. Claws and roaring would give me an intimadation factor. A lot of good things really.


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For when I want to set you on fire. Sparks catch much easier if there is tinder to be had...


Bokra, come out to pla-ay
Operation Meat Shield.


anyone want a hug?
i would be cuddly & warm*hug*



The extra layer would add an impact buffer and paint would wash right off waterproof oily otter fur.


I would be awfully adorable, but I would get stepped on a lot, seeings as I would only be 10 inches at the haunches and 14 inches long (I'm a quadruped). I suppose I could fly, though, if the place seemed to be getting too crowded, but I'm sure it would be exhausting seeings as I'd be 8 whole pounds of corgi/owl. And it would also be kinda hard to draw or write or speak... But I would be SO CUTE! XD


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I would be soooooooooooooo cute ^.^ anyways it would also help with this minnesota weather ITS ALL READY FREEZEING THE PONDS AND LAKES AND SNOWING UP HERE! :O


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If I was my fursona, I would have an excuse to sneak into people's houses and steal all their Pocky and Mountain Dew and anything else I thought was awesome. ^^ And if I got caught, I would use my cuteness to mesmerize them so they will let me have whatever I want. ^^
And if that didn't work, I could just fly away with my pwnful glowy green dragon wings. o.o


anyone want a hug?
i love pocky & mountain dew, that makes you my friend*pounce hug*


In my world...probably no one would notice...


1)-fur to stay warm
2)-any of the billion other things a anthro wolf could do :)


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During Wyoming and Colorado winters. It's a dry-cold out here, and up in Northern Colorado we get some of Wyoming's winds. The weather forecast will say it's about 46 degrees outside when in practice it's below freezing thanks to wind-chill.


small green quad bunny hmmm....
large macro bunny?!?!!?!?

Roose Hurro

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Being Roose would really help with my car's gas bill, and other energy expenses... I wouldn't need a car in order to travel, and I wouldn't need to use heating or air conditioning. Or electricity off the PG&E grid (given I just paid the bill, and it came to just over $270, even though I'm on the Balanced Payment Plan, and haven't been using heat or air for the last few months, due to the nice weather)....

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Paintball, airsoft fights, Keep warm when playing these in cold weather.