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Tips for making a fursuit with long hair?


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Hi, so i plan on eventually making a fursuit head of my main fursona sometime in the future which seems simple enough, though there's one thing, he has shoulder length hair. i very rarely see fursuits with long hair, and every tutorial for hair on a fursuit i've ever seen only describes how to do a small hair puff at the top of the head. i've seen people use wigs but it seems really complicated, also my fursona has a pretty unique hair color so i'd likely have to dye it, which again, seems like a lot of work. i'm likely gonna have to use some kind of long pile fur, so does anyone have any tips to make it look good? i don't want it to come our clunky or awkward looking. thank you in advance!!


Rara for short :)
I would recommend you to check out for diy wig tutorials. Simply buying a wig probably won't work if your fursuit head is bigger than your head, but if you know how to make wigs you can make one big enough.

I would reccomend attaching it with velcro instead of glueing it permanently, that way you can store the wig in a way where it won't get messy and it will allow you to make more wigs if you ever want to change the hairstyle!