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Tips for Your First Fursona


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I get part of the point of having a Fursona is making it however you like, but I'm curious about the process you guys go through to design one. What's the creative thought process like? What do you take into consideration when you make one up?

Stray Cat Terry

This is extra personal, so that means I'm never pressuring anyone to follow my instructions. Go with your free will.

1. Sona has to represent myself. Choose the species best fit you by characteristics first, and then choose the one you like the most. Add some features, and if that shall influence the appearance, it's better.

2. Sona has to be unique. Do your best not to copycat other sonas or other OCs unless it's a trait tied to certain species. And even if being the same is inevitable, better give reasons to how or why your sona has to look like/behave like such.

3. ???. ????, ???.

4. Profit!

Note that this is how I pressure myself to set a sona, but I'm never pressuring anyone to do the same. If my way of doing it doesn't satisfy you/irritates you, you can ignore this.

I wonder what others do while setting their sonas?


Slippery When Wet
Mine started as a brown wolf, I used as a RP character. She had large ears, almost like a maned wolf, and was really self conscious about them. She kept them flat against her head most of the time to draw less attention to them. She had green eyes and, for some reason, could see well underwater without being sensitive to the salty ocean water, and could hold her breath for long periods and swim well.

Throughout several years of roleplay, her story and backstory developed to become what she is now - an Akhlut, a creature of Inuit mythology that is part orca, part wolf. Orcas are sometimes called "wolves of the sea" and both species have been favorites of mine since I was a kid, so it just seems like a natural choice for my 'sona.