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Tips when looking for pre-made head bases?


New Member
Hello all! It's time to take my old costuming and puppetry skills to the test! I'm going to be making a cow partial, and was looking at pre-made head bases on Etsy. Any tips on what to look for in a good pre-made base? This will be my first fursuit piece (excluding a giant lobster costume I made in college for a play), and wanted to really practice on something a bit easier with a pre-made base (with maybe some mods) before attempting a carve of my own.

What should I look for? Bovine isn't exactly the easiest species to find, but it's easier to find than Possum (which I hope to do sometime in the future, may have to carve that one). Stinky Cat Creations has a deer for about $50 that could work with some muzzle and ear mods, Black Print Creation and Runaway Workshop have slightly more expensive bases that seem like they might work a bit easier. Does anyone have experience with these sellers and their products? Thoughts on 3d printed vs cast expanding foam?


Wormwood The Opossum
I've heard that expanding foam bases are easier to work with than 3d printed bases since the foam is still alterable and repairable if you make a mistake. but 3d printed bases have superior ventilation compared to a foam base. It's about what pros and cons work better for you. Once all the fur and support foam is on the 3d printed base will still be hot, but it will be lighter than the foam base definitely.
A foam base has wiggle room for alteration and repair if you make a serious mistake but a 3d printed one will be less forgiving. But the 3d printed ones often hold up better depending on the skill of the person who made it.