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To anyone who plays killing floor


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How do I host a game? I just now started to try hosting the game, and I'm pretty sucky with computers. When I click to host with a dedicated server, it ends my game session and brings up a window full of text with self updating messages about my server. I've also tried hosting on a listen server, and my friend could see the game, and I could invite him, but he couldn't join. I need to be able to host because apparently my friend is physically unable to... or something. Any help at all would be great. Also, if anyone wants to help me through steam, or let me practice by hosting a game to them, my Steam user name is luke_sir52. As I said before, any help will be greatly appreciated.


When you launch a Dedicated server it pretty much sets your PC to be a server box and you have to relaunch the game to access it. As far as him not being able to join its due to your router having the game blocked off so you have to open the ports to allow outside connections which is what he is to your network