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To the people who have hung out together in their suits


Hello my fluffy children! OwO
if you have a suit, and a bunch of furry friendo's, if you did meet up, what did you do for fun? bowling? going to the park? visiting places?


Professional Watermelon Farmer
No suit here, but I have met a few furries here IRL.

Let's see, what did we do?

Well, went out to a park and took a hike in a scenic area, went out and had coffee, went out and had a bite to eat.

Another time, hung out and played board games for many hours, and another time, met and went to Bronycon (I was living nearby in the same city) Also, watched movies, stayed up late and talked and talked and talked. : )


Sairn the Majestic
Haven't met any IRL, but have a couple of close friends from here since joining whom I chat with on a daily basis!

I hope to meet them in person and hopefully meet other furs IRL as I do road trips in the future :)