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A Sorta Experienced Fursuit Maker (•̀ᵜ•́)
I have my own regulated species ( Cloud dogs ) That have a backstory that is bit simular to dutchies, but im not sure if its too simular.
heres the story:
So my sona and many other cloud dogs used to live in Kumo Island, Protected by the spirits. They were once plentiful in Cloud dogs and many other mythical animals. One day, The island was hit with a terrible storm witch killed most Animals living there. The spirits thought the species of cloud dogs caused it, as they create clouds and send them off to the sky and if they mix even a gram wrong, it could turn into a batch infected with a storm. And so they asked for the meeting which would decide the future of cloud dogs. The leader of the cloud dogs, Rain, ( my sonas cloud dog form ) was called in and was asked for her soul which contained many secrets and possibly the reason for the storm ( results in her dying ) and they let the cloud dogs stay. Or, They would erase all cloud dogs memory and send them to earth. After thinking for 3 days, she decided to keep her soul., so the spirits banished the cloud dogs and erased their memory, Many of them dying while they fell to earth. When she fell to earth, she lost her wings and a flower that the spirits had gifted her changed her color to pink and blue. ( only my fursona can have the 3 blue spots on her cheek )

Is this too simular? What should I change?
The white one is rain and the pink and blue one is Candy. ( They are the same characters just different forms )
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A Sorta Experienced Fursuit Maker (•̀ᵜ•́)
here they are drawn:
I dont have a good ref sheet since I did a last second color change, but I have a partial ref sheet ( I guess you would call it that? ) Its pretty much just partial parts. sorry if its badly drawn, dont have a drawing tablet yet so im just using a mouse pad :p


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I have no idea of Dutchies. But it sounds like a "fallen from grace" theme, I doubt that is under copyright.