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Toony VS Realistic: Which do you prefer?

Toony or Realistic?

  • Toony

    Votes: 23 38.3%
  • Realistic

    Votes: 17 28.3%
  • Both

    Votes: 21 35.0%
  • Don't Care

    Votes: 3 5.0%

  • Total voters
Title is a little misleading, but you get the gist.

So what style of fursuit do you prefer? Do you even have a preference?
I for example have a great deal of love for semi-to-realistic fursuits. I love how they look as if they could be a real animal or anthro, and the extra details like the eyes really captivate me.


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A mix of both.


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depends on the character and acting style, the build should feel true to that character. but in general a high detail toony is the best option for being cool and approachable!


I appreciate both styles but I personally like toony suits.


I respect the dedication to the realistic ones but they kind of creep me out a little bit. I'm all for people being who they are so by all means do what you want to do. Wear a boot on your head. Just know if you walk by me I'm gonna look like this under my mask:


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depends entirely on the character...go with what works better. if it's more "cute", go with toony / follow-me. if it's more realistic, then...you know what to do.


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I pick both because it depends on the fursuit. I like the realistic ones like this:
Just a head

But, some of my favorite suiters have too suits. Tayerr, Lamar, Telephone, and Hekiro are my favorites (I know Lamar and Tayerr are both worn by Cameron.)


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Depends on the species, character and actor.

Personally I find realistic-style horses to be REALLY SUPER UNNERVING, but realistic tigers to be some of my favorites.
As long as they avoid the "dead eye" thing, either can work.

In general I think I prefer toony aesthetically, but again, depends very much on certain specifics.
My own stuff is toony. I imagine my sona as toony.


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I've seen some really impressive realistic suits, which have tended to be my favorite... the one I saw in person at an anime con a couple years back was pretty amazing. I am impressed by the workmanship that goes into creating a good toony style suit, but my eye is always drawn most to the realistic ones.

(but as for me, I don't think I'd want to wear more than ears and a tail, or maybe a hoodie... I love to look at a good suit but I'd probably pass out inside of one)


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I've seen some toony ones that are so adorable and perfect, while some of the realistic ones looks intimidating and badass. I think it depends on what you're aiming for. I feel like I could take my fursona (still under construction) in either direction, idk which yet.


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I myself prefer toony ones, but I´ve seen pretty amazing realistic-style suits. So, I think there is no wrong way to choose