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Top 11 best films


aka The Furry Punisher
Here's my list of the Top 11 Best Films:

1. The Bourne Identity
2. War of the Worlds (The 1953 version)
3. The Time Machine (The 1960 version)
4. Schindler's List
5. Bullit
6. Star Wars
7. Men in Black
8. Pirates of the Caribbean
9. The Blues Brothers
10. Ice Age
11. Jurassic Park


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I no particular order:

- Star Wars 3-6 (5 is best)
- Star Trek 1-10
- Tron
- The Last Starfighter
- Top Gun
- Indiana Jones 1-3
- The Godfather
- The Matrix (Only first one)
- 300
- Lord of the Rings 1-3
- Blade Runner


in no order
these are movies i have seen over 20 times

the fantastic adventures of Unico
Princess Mononoke
My neighbor Totoro
watership down
the last unicorn
secret of NIHM
Castle in the Sky
Neverending Story
Nightmare before Christmas
Land before Time (the first one!)
KalinaEllenberg said:
I no particular order:

- Star Wars 3-6 (5 is best)
- Star Trek 1-10
- Tron
- The Last Starfighter
- Top Gun
- Indiana Jones 1-3
- The Godfather
- The Matrix (Only first one)
- 300
- Lord of the Rings 1-3
- Blade Runner

HA i remember that movie! i liked it ALOT and its one of them old films you never hear about....
another old good one was "batteries not included" really good effects for its time and such a fun film
Let's see... In no particular order:
- Labyrinth
- Steal This Movie
- Kids in America
- Kamikaze Girls
- Digimon: The Movie
- Pokemon the First Movie
- The Cowboy Bebop movie
- Howl's Moving Castle
- Rent
- Quest for Camelot
- Mulan

Nice bit of diversity there. ^.~


Not really here
Also in no particular order:

Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels
Blazing Saddles
Seven Samurai
Spirited Away
The Neverending Story
Wag the Dog
The Adventures of Picasso (Swedish)
You Are Not Alone (Danish)


Surfing my way to victory!
My favourite 11 movies would have to be:
11. Terminator 1
10. Detonator Orgun
9. Battle Royale
8. Alien
7. Demolition Man
6. War of the Worlds
5. Full Metal Alchemist Conqueror of Shambala
4. Orguss 02
3. Short Circuit
2. Aliens
1. Terminator 2 Judgement Day.
wow I'm surprised but nobody has any lists that make me vomit out of my eyes in disgust yet.

I must say, you furries aren't movie-illiterate for the most part.

anyway, my list, in a very loose order, off the top of my head.

-My Neighbor Totoro
-Phantom of the Paradise <-- I could have this movie playing continously in front of my face for the rest of my life and never get sick of it.
-Evil Dead 2
-Dead Alive (Braindead in the UK)
-Evil Dead 3: Army of Darkness
-Evil Dead
-Kill Bill
-No Country For Old Men

...can you tell I'm a horror movie freak?

Ty Vulpine

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1. Terminator 2: Judgement Day
2. Fox & The Hound
3. Airplane!
4. Secret of NIMH
5. The Producers
6. Back To The Future III
7. Willow
8. The Towering Inferno
9. Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
10. Star Trek IV: Voyage Home
11. Star Wars trilogy


Cherry Blossom
I have not seen that many movies but the ones that I think are awesome are;

I really, really love this film. I like the imaginative feel of it, and how everything is just so artistically put into place so that it seems spacially out of place.

Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children
OK, I know this is going to get alot of you to start attacking me, buuuuut, this is the only video game based movie that actually sticks with the story line, and yea I know that, that is still no 'real' reason to watch this movie and like it, but it is just sooo awesome.

Modern Times
Ok, so I barely saw this movie today, but it is sooo freaking funny. I feel mad and I want to beat myself up for not watching Charlie Chaplin movies earlier in life, but I am sooo glad that I had a chance to watch this today.

A little French film that is so simple and amazing. I only saw it once, but I just fell in love with it. The plot is so simple and the characters are so well written that it's just one of my instant favs

Kiki's Delivery Service
A nice Miyazaki film about a little girl wanting to be an apprentice witch at a big town. I love the characters and how cute everything is.

This was sooo freaking amazing, and scary at the same time, the ending was so amazing and unexpected that I was in shock for a good 30 minutes after watching it.

Boyfriend chiming in: David Fincher is really an amazing director. It seems like he's breaking out of his norm with his next film, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, which is good. Se7en is great; the bleach-bypass is gorgeous. The whole film has a surreal feel that fits it perfectly. I'm not entirely satisfied with the ending, but still, very, very good.

Requium for a Dream
I was so freaking scared of this movie, and I loved it at the same time. I loved the musical score in this and the way that the seasons went by with little change between the characters.

Boyfriend chiming in: I don't love this film quite as much as when I first saw it. Now it feels a little overexcited at times, but still a perfectly good adaptation of the frenetic book. The fast editing and schitzophrenic film lenses serve the film perfectly. It's probably the most really tragic film in recent time.

Punch-Drunk Love
Adam Sandler felt so out of place to me from the other movies that I know him from, but at the same time he was so freaking perfect for this film. I loved how there were little and major relations to artist, and how the music was well added.

Boyfriend chiming in: This is one of my favorite films. The use of Jeremy Blake's art and Jon Brion's music mixed with Anderson's eclectic direction (here he's influenced by Tati and Godard's Une Femme Est Une Femme) are blended incredibly well. I personally hate Sandler in any of his own movies (although, I do respect him for making movies he obviously wants to make), but here his stock Sandler character is put in similarly outlandish circumstances, but suddenly there are circumstances, and the stock character's stock quirks are no longer funny. The movie isn't "funny" in any normal sense, although there are many opportunities for jokes that Anderson directly avoids (the doctor Barry asks for help turns out to be a dentist). As well as looking incredible, and deeply saturated with mood, the nervous breakdowns Sandler's character suffers are presented accurately (speaking, unfortunately, from personal experience; I can say the same thing about Duvall's portrayal in The Shining, again unfortunately).

Princess Mononoke
Another Miyazaki film that was so freaking amazingly done. I loved the feudal look of it, and how everything was not so action based as one would think it would be.

Spirited Away
Yes more anime films. I love this one becasie of the magic feel and how everything is so freakin amazingly animated. It is so smooth and the lighting is so awesome that the smallest shimmer of a ring can be seen with each hand movemeant.

Howls moveing castle
yea more anime. This was so amazingly magical, as I had said before, but I liked the fact that it was also war related. The only thing I had a problom with, and I think I have said this before on another thread, is that they claim that he can eat the hearts of young girls. They did not explain why this is said, and they never touched the subject ever again.