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Top 5 favorite smells?

Niru the Husky

Can easily be persuaded with bacon...
1. 100% CH3COOH <.<
2. the smell while cooking meat
3. no smell -> fresh air ^^'
4. Pages of a new book | the smell of brand new products
5. idk why, it's more like a tortune, but concentrated NH3


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-Freshly baked cookies
-The variety of cutting oils I use at the shop
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I'm three ounces of whoop-ass.
I’m so glad other people like bird smell....

-French Vanilla
-Bird Smell
-Hot concrete (like... when you first go outside onto concrete in the summer? Do you know what smell?)
-Cold Brew Coffee
-Puppy paws


mane diva
1. dried cloves: When I was young my grandmother had a small bouquet of dried clove in her wardrobe to keep moths away. But used to really like that smell. I rember taking it out verry often and sniffing on it. I just couldn't get enough of it. Well dragons aren't moths I guess. ^^,,

2. Vanilla: It always makes me want to eat Waffles.

3. Garlic: This may be a weird one but the smell of strong spices always makes me hunbgry for something savoury.

4. The smell of a new car: I'm not a car enthusiast but the smell a new car has inside reminds me of my childhood when my dad bought a new volvo combi. I don't know exactly why this is triggering me. But for some reason this smell is like a timemaschine for my memories.

5. Sweet exotic fragrances: I deeply enjoy sweet smells like sandalwood, mango, lavander or coconut. That's why I tend to use grooming products made for women. You ladies just get the better stuff in this regards.


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1. Vanilla
2. Rainy air
3. That odd gasoline smell from cars
4. Fireplace-burnt wood
5. As weird as this sounds, the top of a babies head? I don't know how to describe that one, but it's soothing.


Automobile fuel (both diesel and gas, but diesel more)
Aviation fuel (It's like diesel mixed with charcoal grilling)
The smell of brand new items, such as books, car interiors, electronics, the packaging, etc.
Night air (yes the air at night smells strangely refreshing compared to the day time, almost like there's a tiny hint of diesel with amazing clarity and pureness just smelling the air, kind of stimulating actually)

I can put another top 5, but it's not for here.
Green tea
Perfumes (my favourite and main one nowadays is Armani's Si passione)
June (I know, pretty abstract, but there's some especial smell during the month of June, around the middle of the month, that, at least to me, is quite distinct and I don't get to smell it the rest of the year)

Duncan Glaze

Life is so tiresome
1. French fries
2. Chocolate
3. Pancakes
4. Ice cream sandwiches
5. French fries again

My god I'm such a food glutton.