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Total Virtual Reality Immersion, Furry Style. Would you try it?


Admurrable Admurral
Oh sure why not? I would go in sometimes, but I wouldn't want it to end up like a book I read.
Everyone Stayed in the virtual world and the real world became desolate and empty.
That would be utterly depressing.

Grey Wolverine

The saint of Furr Affinity
It is only a matter of time before our technology allows us to connect with virtual worlds on a nervous system level. (think Matrix) If this were available during your lifetime, would you go into a second life styled realistic but virtual world with a Furry avatar?

Would you imagine eventually learning how to control the 'tail' and other enhanced abilities as if it were natural?
Would you engage in SEX??!!!

Quite honestly. What the hell, it would be pretty cool. If it was like the matrix, except we could leave and enter as we wanted to.


Are we human? Of course not!
I have to admit, it is quite a tempting idea.


Dance the Mussolini
Sure, I'd take a shot. After all, it couldn't be any worse than Second Life.


Guess what mood I'm in today.
you'd be surprised how easily the body picks up extra limbs. We have monkeys that we've given robotic third arms and they've got enough articulation to grab things and feed themselves. it only takes a few minutes.
The brain is highly adaptable so having a tail wouldn't be that crazy.

Shit I'd probably try a furry avatar, or other things. Playing DnD online would be bitchin >.>
I think having wings and the ability to be the fastest thing out there would be amazing! And also weird. xD

Traven V

Well as long as the graphics were better than SL then, yeah.


Why not im game for anything and am i the only striaght guy on here!??!!!


New Member
I would so try it.
After it had been tested of course.
There would have to be a million super computers to run it though.
There would have to be a million super computers to run it though.

It's pretty simple, there aren't many actions in the game itself.
It's either related to fetishes or to absence of logic - knowing who would play it, of course.

If your brain can run it, then it's not too long before we'll develop something similiar.