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Art Trade: Toyhou.se Codes for Art!


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Hello all! I got TH premium recently and that means I've got codes!

If you don't know what TH is a:

Character Repository Site
  • Store characters, set up profiles and upload image galleries.
  • Organize characters into folders, tags or worlds.
  • Protect content by only allowing access to images, characters or folders to authorized users.
  • Auto-generate watermarked versions of images with custom watermarks.
Adoptable Trading Site
  • Transfer characters on-site.
  • View a gallery of all characters you've created and who their current and past owners are.
  • Set rules on how you want your designs to be traded.
  • Verify designs that you've made in order to minimize stolen or duplicated adoptables.
Roleplay Community
  • Invite users and characters to your worlds for easy grouping.
  • Set up your world forums for chatting and RP.
  • Make posts or comment on profiles using your characters.
  • Link related characters together.
Up to speed?

ANYWHO, the site is in beta and you need a code to sign up but they only get handed out to premium members- which I am. I'm hoping to get art of my characters in trade, feel free to leave an offer below! Skill/practice level isn't very important to me, and the character I have in mind to be drawn range from kemonomimis to anthro animals in terms of furriness.

Available Codes: 13


You dare poke the bear?
Still interested?? Would love to draw one of your characters for a toyhou.se code. :3 I could do one full-body colored character if that works?

Example of my work:


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