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Hello!! I need to get rid of some characters ASAP. I don't want them anymore and I need them GONE!

I am only looking for money offers HOWEVER, I will consider character trades if they're the following:

•HQ characters/Designs

•Closed Species

•Any characters that are in my favorites folder that are for sale

I only do holds for a WEEK max. No longer than that. If you don’t have the money then don’t ask to buy.

Please go to this folder for the character purge: https://toyhou.se/jadedhabits/characters/folder:1527663

Anything else that is not in this folder is OFF LIMITS!!

Please contact me either through Toyhouse, FurAffnity, Discord, or Deviantart. Everything will be linked below!

Discord: Wicked#0127
Deviantart: https://www.deviantart.com/jadedhabits
Toyhouse: https://toyhou.se/jadedhabits


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