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trade: couple icon - request: birthday art!


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Ok, so my mate and I are looking to get new matching icons! Free is nice, but I am willing to trade for it. A couple of doodles for stationary ones. Maybe a simple picture in my 'serious style' for a nice quality animated (kissy perhaps?) ones.

The second part of this post is to request some art for my mates birthday! I probably should have made this topic earlier, since today is his birthday... but I was busy making him a picture all day. lol It doesn't matter when he gets it. I am sure he will love getting any pictures at all! He is really into video games, so maybe something along those lines? Or maybe something cute? Go nuts, just don't change the way he looks too much. He is a fox/parrot hybrid, so he has feathered wing/arms and a feathered tail.

http://www.furaffinity.net/view/6165703 <-- This is the picture I spent the day on. I think it shows how he looks pretty well. :) Thanks in advance! Note me here or on FA if you want to trade for icons. :)