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Art Trade: Trade Your Skylanders for art?


Just another artist
I got Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure for the Wii recently and I'm looking to get more figures for it. I also plan on eventually getting the other games on the Wii (Swap Force, Giants, and Trap Team) and will gladly also accept figures and the portals for those games.

Anyway, I am trading art, animations, and stories for them. Examples of my work can be found on my main FA profile http://furaffinity.net/user/fenchfletcher

Feel free to message me there or reply here for more info.

The figures I currently have are all for Spyro's Adventure. I have the following figures:

Whirlwind, Cynder, Elite Spyro, Elite Chop Chop, Legendary Trigger Happy, Ignitor, Eruptor, Green Gill Grunt, Terrafin, Stump Smash, Warnado

Support items:
Sparx the Dragonfly, Time Twister Hourglass, Sky-Iron Shield, Hidden Treasure, Healing Elixer, Winged Boots

DLC packs:
Ice Cave, Darklight Crypt, Dragon's Peak

I will update the list when I obtain new figures.