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Hey gaiz of the Art Exchange subforum!
I'm Kaku.
And I like to draw.

Wanna trade?

Please go here for my trade information.
[It's a journal about trades I posted on FA.]
Leave a comment on that journal, or in this thread, if you'd like to trade.

Please note:
~I can refuse if I don't want to draw your character or if I don't think I can pull your character off.
~I don't draw porn, and I don't expect you to draw it for me. I'm a clean artist.
~I can refuse if I get overloaded with trades...

I'd be happy to draw your character in my Cachet recycled sketchbook with colored pencils.
That'll look kind of like this or this.
If you don't want me to, or if you'd like me to draw in a different medium/on different paper, please speak up.
My media are Prismacolor pencils & Copic alcohol markers. But I must say, at the moment, I'd rather use the pencils, just by preference.

The characters you can choose from to do an art trade w/ me are here:
1. My 'fursona' or something simlar, my main original furry character: Kaku... and here is another reference of her. A better one. D:
2. Raphael, the gay raver folf. Profile ref.
3. Victoria, the rainbow-tailed folf. She's Raphael's sister. Here is another ref of her.

Thank you guys, for reading & listening to me ramble. D:

<3 Kaku


Just call me Mea
Oooooooh, I like the look of Raph. I'll do an image of him if you do me an image of one of my characters if you like? Doing Cosplay characters atm: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/meaeshana/ if you're interested, though I'm happy just to draw him up as his usual raver self. I'm starting to like drawing ravers because of teh ferret.

Info about my fursona/characters can be found in my other journal entry. http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/526301/ - Just let me know if you're interested. ^_^

Love your style, keep up the good work.


I only work off of images, sorry, not descriptions only. :(
There were only a few images in your journal entry and I don't know what to work off of.