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(Commission) Selling: Tradigital comissions! 1 open slot! $25+


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Hello there! I want to offer you some special commissions - watercolor and ink traditional art with digital edit :)

You can see more examples on my DA - Avokad - Traditional Artist | DeviantArt

❖What I can draw - everything and everyone! (and especially want to work with robots and warframes :D)
❖ I take ONLY paypal and ONLY USD for payment. Approval of sketch before payment and continue to work after full prepayment!
❖ If your character have many complex details or detailed clothing, the price can be higher.

Approval of sketch before payment!
Work will start after full prepayment!

❖ Inky Bust - 25 USD per art ❖
Inky art with optional adding of color

❖ Inky fullbody - 40 USD ❖
Inky art with simple background

❖ Celtic-style art - 60 USD ❖
I will twist your character in the style of the Celtic ornament!

❖ Illustration of character - 75-150 USD ❖
The price depends on character's details

❖ Simple illustration - 150USD+ ❖
Your character + not very difficult backround. The price depends on complexity :)