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(Other) Selling: Traditional 9x12 pinup Auction (SB:$5)



This is my first auction here so I'm going to start small with a 9x12 on pinup on Bristol board.
Starts 11/2/19
Ends: 12/1/19 Noon time Eastern

SB: $5 USD
Min: $1 USD
AB: None at the moment

Bids from $5-$20 include single character waist up, no background (+Shipping)
Bids from $25-$40 include thigh up single character with basic background. (+shipping)
Bids from $50+ Include thigh up or full body single character pinup, plus full page background. If the bid goes past $50 I will add some stickers on my original artwork to the package. (+shipping) (Free shipping for order of $100+)

What you get: 9x12 single character pinup, traditional, original is mailed to the owner as well. So you have to be alright with Private Messaging a mailing address to send the package.

Material: Copic, Prismacolor, and Touch markers along with whatever else I got to get the job done.

*What you get with your commission: You get a high res scan (both raw and digitally enhanced) for use online like a profile, personal website, ect... You also get the physical copy mailed to you to keep if you cover the shipping cost.
*Styles: I can pretty much do any style of art from anime, realism and portraits to semi realism like American styled comic book art.
*NSFW?: I will draw anything wanted by the customer within my abilities, including nudity.
I don't do diapers, scat, bile, enlarged/engorged characters, being swallowed, farting, characters under 18. If curious about your particular kink then ask. I honestly don't know all of the fetishes and kinks.
I enjoy drawing monsters, females and males, curves, American comic book style and semi realism.

*Payment method: PayPal primarily. Payments must be up front, at least 1/2 and rest completed after sketch of art is approved.
*Process: You send me any ref materials you have like photos (the more the better), I accept and you send the payment, I send a message with the rough sketch (any changes that need to be made can be done then) once the sketch is approved I go on to the next process and finish the art. If only 1/2 of payment is sent then other half needs to be sent before I send the high res scan of finished work.